PSA: #PLMaskLab is Officially Open!


Introducing...The Peach & Lily Mask Lab

We’re announcing a really exciting collaboration.  Who are we collaborating with? 


That’s right! After three and a half years of daily correspondence with skincare beginners, industry experts, and everyone in-between, we’ve collected archives of information we’re now excited to put to use. We’ve been learning all about your skin needs, helping to tailor regimens to fit those needs via thousands and thousands of customer emails, and now we’re taking it a step further.

The Peach & Lily Mask Lab is officially open!

The PL Mask Lab is the culmination of our research since we launched in 2012—including everything we’ve learned together—and actualizing one of our very favorite skincare steps: the sheet mask! The ‘Lab’ will use our expertise to create our very own Peach & Lily masks. It’s happening! In just a few short months, we are so excited to introduce you to our very own dream sheet mask series!

Why We’re Doing This

First up the beloved sheet mask is our favorite quickie route to radiance.

There are many reasons we adore the humble sheet mask—but to name a few:

  • Sheet masks are perhaps the easiest way to provide much needed boosts of hydration – which results in an immediate glow, but also healthier skin
  • The good stuff, like nourishing vitamins and antioxidants, get 20-minute sessions (at least) to absorb fully right into your skin plus the added advantage of the sheet itself, which locks it all in, and minimizes and prevents evaporation or drying
  • They’re one of the most fun and affordable ways to test new ingredients and discover what’s right for your skin

We’d estimate that the Peach & Lily Team here at HQ have collectively tried thousands of sheet masks. We have a great excuse—after all, it’s literally our job.

But we know (and love) that some of you are equally enthusiastic sheet mask explorers. From sheet masks that fit so comfortably that we only remember they’re on our faces 30 minutes later, to drippy messes and ill-fitted disasters, we’ve collected data to inform and perfect the art of masking. You guys have tried mountains of sheet masks, too—we’ve seen it on social media across the globe  (We’ve seen your #MaskForACause IG posts, after all).

You (our customers) take skincare seriously—and we love you for it. You have favorites you’re loyal to, ingredients you seek out, and fits that just haven’t worked. We’ve received so many requests for specific ingredients, mask types, and products to target various skincare needs, and thus the PL Mask Lab was born—and we couldn’t be more excited!

We want you to be involved! From those mountains of masks you've tried—what have you loved? What have you hated? What do you wish existed that you just can't find?! As we mentioned, we’re collecting as much information as we can to make these masks a realization of sheet mask dreams, and we want to include your input in the mask-making fun. After all, these masks are for you.

How We’re Doing This

We’ve been working on the lab for over a year already! We’ve met with all different beauty R&D labs to understand what makes the most cutting edge formulations so good, and what the standout ingredients actually are when trialed. Our masks will be made in Korea thanks to our relationships with some of the very best labs and mask manufacturers in the world. And we’re thoughtfully curating this very special product with you, and your input front and center of this process.

What’s Next…

Watch this space for more info. Come next week, we’ll be updating the blog with more information about the next steps in our (collective!) mask-masking adventure. As we speak, our CEO & Founder, Alicia, is en route to Seoul for #seoulbeautytripping (as always) and some very important meetings with cosmetic chemists.

But, for now—we’d love to hear from you:

To get started, we're giving away 30 of our favorite sheet mask to 3 lucky winners (randomly selected)...#ThePinkMask! This is your chance to stockpile the cult-favorite Cremorlab Herb Tea Blemish Minus Calming Mask, the very same one beloved by Into The Gloss.

To enter to win, just leave a comment below telling us about the sheet mask of your dreams (and help us make it a reality!!!)...

We'll take all your feedback back to the #PLMaskLab and use it to create our own Peach & Lily sheet mask!

***International participants eligible in countries we already ship to. We will randomly select 3 winners on MONDAY, January 18th, 2016, 5 pm EST. We will leave a comment on yours to let you know you win—when you email us at we will arrange to send you your prize right away!***

The winners have been announced—Thank you so much for participating! 


Posted on January 15, 2016
by Peach & Lily