The power of stem cells - Introducing Rose by Dr. Dream

We're excited to share with you our latest brand curation - the Rose by dr. dream® line. dr. dream is one of Korea's most sought-after plastic surgery clinics with the largest A-list clientele in Korea. Dream Medical Group was founded in 1999 by Dr. Yang-Soo Park and was built on the expertise of accredited surgeons from Seoul National University (the Harvard of Korea), which boasts the finest plastic surgery program in Korea. 

Of course, with all that brain power, research, and skill, they took their deep knowledge base and came up with a really innovative and exciting line of products.

We bring you Rose by dr. dream. This line taps into the power of stem cells to help your skin regenerate, heal, and look its best.

What are stem cells though?

Stem cells are a very basic cornerstone of the body. Multi-cellular organisms (plants, humans, animals, fruits) all have stem cells. They help with tissue renewal and have this ability to transform and develop into many other types of cells. When used in skin care the idea is that they help your skin cells regenerate helping to combat anti-aging signs and improve overall skin health.

What’s so great about Dr. Dream’s Rose line and rose stem cells?

Rose by dr. dream® was developed after tons of research and development. It's a cosmeceutical brand that uses a combination of enriched rose stem cells and rose distilled water to deliver solutions for the skin.

This line uses callus stem cell extract, a type of plant stem cell which has been known to help “heal” plant wounds by vigorously regenerating and covering the wound. Callus contains more bioactive substances, which prevent skin aging, and improve troubled skin compared to normal plants.

Rose also soothes sensitive skin, delivers moisture to dry skin, and has outstanding anti-inflammatory effects to reduce skin troubles. By helping skin cells grow and replicate, rose stem cell extract also prevents signs of aging due active oxygen, which is considered to be the main cause of aging. When cells regenerate it helps to revitalize droopy and sagging skin.

Think of it as similar to Vitamin A & C in that it helps prevent skin from aging, promotes wrinkle improvement, and helps brighten skin. It also keeps skin moisturized, clean, and gives it luster.

What product should I use?

While we love the entire Rose by dr. dream® line, here are a few standouts.

Dream Age Radiance Powder Essence - Set of 4

It’s a powder but it’s a liquid. Confused? This set of 4 powder essences are indeed powder. You sprinkle the right amount onto your skin and as you gently massage it into your skin you’ll see it transform into a liquid consistency. Each individual powder granule is actually little bits of liquid essence encapsulated so that it feels like a powder. As you rub it into your skin, you’ll feel the liquid essence burst and absorb to increase hydration and prep your skin for the following items in your routine.

Here’s a Peach Tip. You can mix the powder with other serums and ampoules to really boost their efficacy. This is one of the latest and newest innovations from Korea so you’ll definitely want to try this set out.

Dream Age Radiance Sleeping Pack

You might want to try this sleeping pack since your beauty sleep is when your skin cells regenerate. The stem cells in this sleeping pack will help boost the regeneration activity so that your skin will look even more radiant come morning. We love the light texture which absorbs easily and subtle rose scent.

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Posted on October 12, 2015
by Ju Rhyu