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aromatica Calendula & Sea Daffodil Sheet Masks

There are few things that make us happier than new sheet masks (new modeling masks, maybe?). A while back, one of our favorite brands, aromatica, snuck two new sheet masks into our never ending mask box, and you can imagine our surprise when we saw them - the cute packaging was a dead give away.

It’s no secret that we love the new Calendula Juicy Cream moisturizer, so we obviously reached for the Calendula Soothing Relief Mask. They say that the color blue is suppose to calm you down, but for us, the golden yellow of Calendula sends us to our happy place.

By happy place, we obviously mean sheet mask heaven, where you can close your eyes, block out the sound of sirens (#cityliving) & feel your skin being coaxed into a calm yogi-esque trance.

This sheet mask is such a winner for us because you can immediately tell the ingredients in it are top-notch. Before we even get to the serum, let’s talk about the cotton. This 100% organic cotton sheet mask has achieved international organic certification OCS (Organic Content Standard), so yes, all sheet masks are not made equal.

Casually soaked in this thick, luxurious mask is 76.5% Calendula extract - no big deal right? Wrong. Calendula extract is one of our new hero ingredients because of it gently calms skin by balancing oil and moisture, even on the most sensitive skin types. It also has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties to help decrease irritation and promote faster healing/regeneration.

Like many of our other favorite aromatica products, this one also contains organic aloe vera to help soothe and moisturize red and/or sensitive skin, which is perfect for helping us wind down from summer, no? To top it off, olive leaf fermented extract and bifida fermented extract nourish and impart a healthy glow on your skin.

The Calendula Soothing Relief Mask’s pretty blue counterpart is the Sea Daffodil Hydro Charge Mask. If you’ve loved any of our other great hydration masks - looking at you Cremorlab - then better stock up on these masks. 

The other sea daffodil products from aromatica are great go-tos for a boost of moisture, and this one is no different. The thick cotton sheet mask is generously doused in sea daffodil extract and ceramide, which is a key ingredient in creating a moisture “barrier” on the skin to keep hydration locked in.

While there’s bean fermented extract and bifida fermented extract to revitalize rough skin, one ingredient that sent us into a beauty frenzy was GAG (Glycosaminoglycas), aka a type of mushroom extract. This Ecocert-certified ingredient actually helps the skin absorb moisturizing ingredients, so bring on the mushrooms. But wait! Don’t forget the adenosine - we always perk up when this wrinkle fighting ingredient is listed. 

Yes, the ingredients are great and the cotton is the skincare equivalent to 1000 thread count organic cotton sheets, but how does it feel?

To be frank, at first we were a little worried. The serum was a bit on the runny side, and the mask itself was quite thick compared to others. However, when we peeled away the sheet 15 minutes later, our skin was revived and glowing and   there was no sticky residue left. 

Let’s just say, skin “bounce” (read: suppleness) was pretty mesmerizing.

Posted on September 17, 2015
by Shannon Zhu
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