Tips for Transitioning your Skincare from Summer to Fall

If your post-Labor Day weekend is spent unearthing your favorite leather jacket in preparation for Fall, then you’ll want to consider swapping out some beauty products, too, rather than just trading out cotton tanks for cashmere sweaters. 

We know it’s hard to believe, but your trusty moisturizer that you can’t live without can be replaced. And yes, your skincare routine can - and will - make room for one more added step. Transitioning your skincare into fall doesn’t have to be a bother - take our word for it.

Tip 1: Swap out your summer moisturizer for a heavier moisturizer

A “heavier” moisturizer can sound off putting, but there are new formulas out that are specifically to intensely hydrate without clogging pores and weighing down skin. It’s important to keep skin well moisturized to prevent your skin from freaking out - we’re talking about unwanted breakouts, oily-ness, dryness, etc. That’s why aromatica’s new Calendula Juicy Cream, which is packed with ceramides and 48% calendula extract, has been saving our skin and calming any redness. Balanced and hydrated skin will be the foundation to an easy seasonal transition, and honestly, good skin in general. 


If you already love our bestselling All-In-One Repair Snail Cream, then you should try switching to the Snail Repair Perfect Cream. Before we got our hands on this richer version of our favorite snail cream, we had just been doubling up on regular snail cream, which means we plowed through it! Wasting product is silly when you have a better version sitting right there, no?


Tip 2: Add a facial oil or ampoule to your regimen

We all know the benefits of incorporating a facial oil into your routine, whether you go the simple route with argan oil (ever wonder why Moroccan women age so well?) or experiment with Organic Rose Hip Oil, which is packed with Vitamin A and Omegas 3, 6, 9 to nourish and protect your skin. Adding 2-3 drops of oil into your moisturizer is a seamless way to boost your everyday routine, and these facial oils are specially formulated not to leave any residue.




If oil just isn’t your cup of tea, try a boosting ampoule, like the Hyaluronic Acid 100, which, as it’s name suggests, injects hydration back into the skin and is fast absorbing. 



Tip 3: Add "extras" into your skincare

Don’t forget that those dreaded fine lines around your eyes need special treatment sometimes. Between tugging the to get the perfect cat-eye and rubbing to get waterproof mascara off, the delicate skin there goes through a lot. We don’t let our fine lines settle in by gently massaging in a pea sized amount of Rose Absolute Eye Cream each night. It has a potent blend of Bulgarian rose oil, organic Argan oil & organic aloe vera that refreshes our tired eyes instantly.

If you accessorized your summer skincare routine with acne-combating and/or skin firming masks, now would be a good time to try incorporating hydrating masks. To find you favorite, try our Hydration Sheet Mask Bundle - a great way to test and try different mask formulas.

Looking for a major skin reboot? That’s where our modeling masks save the day. All our "rubber" masks target different skin concerns and peel away to reveal radiant, moist skin. Which one to use? The gold mask has Asian botanicals to nourish. The black mask is infused with charcoal to purify. The silver mask contains silk amino acids to boost collagen. Sigh, so many choices!

Still not convinced?

Our pièce de résistance is the undeniable truth that your skin behaves differently when the weather changes.

If you’re a bit of a sweat-er during the hot summer months, it’s no surprise if your moisturizer is a lightweight gel. When things cool down, you find yourself sweating less and less from your morning commute, and your skin might feel a little… underwhelmed. 

Or you spent all summer combating your office’s blasting cold A/C, but then you remember what it’s like to struggle against the drying heater/radiator later in the year. 

Seasonal changes are often fun for your wardrobe but not for your skin. If you switch light linen for heavier wool and tinted lip balm for dark, matte lipstick, don’t even think about forgetting your skincare. 

Posted on September 09, 2015
by Peach & Lily