Toners and pH Levels - What You Need to Know

the science behind toners 

pH is measured from 1-14. 7 is neutral, anything above 7 is alkaline and anything below 7 is acidic. the skin’s optimal pH is 5.5 - this pH level keeps the skin looking radiant and also resists harmful bacteria.

the issue is that when your skin produces excess oil (see #1 in the chart) your skin becomes acidic. so a lot of facial cleansers, though not all, have an alkaline pH level to combat the acidic, oily skin (see #2 in the chart). the skin becomes a bit dry after cleansing (see #3 in the chart) and if left as-is without any moisturizer, your skin will likely dry out. usually, your skin after cleansing won’t be at the optimal 5.5 pH level.

now this is where toner is so critical. most toners will be at the optimal level or ever so slightly acidic to balance your probably slightly alkaline skin after washing.

the toner will recalibrate your skin to its optimal level and ta-dah! you are glowing and balanced again. and btw, able to more effectively use the skin as the first layer of defense against harmful bacteria.

all toners - stay away from ones with alcohol - will serve this basic function of balancing your pH level. some of the more effective toners will also have nano-particles that help draw in larger particles of moisturizers. simply put, the toners will help the moisturizer work better. that said, a lot of moisturizers these days have nano-particles.

once we launch our e-commerce store, we’ll be sure to recommend the best toners to you!

in the meantime, remember…toner isn’t just a trivial part of your skincare regimen. keep that 5.5 consistent for healthy skin from the inside out!

Posted on July 05, 2015
by Alicia Yoon