Argan oil saved my face! (Part II)

Just a couple weeks ago, I wrote about how argan oil saved my face. (this one: I focused mostly on how it helped me keep my face hydrated during the harsh winter, which was amazing since my naturally very dry skin is so hard to keep well hydrated in the winter.

Argan oil has so many benefits that it deserves another shout-out.

Today, I wanted to focus on how it has really kept my face glowing from the inside out. I didn’t start noticing until this week (~4 weeks after daily use, didn’t even skip one day), but I’ve been getting lots of compliments lately on my healthy glow. Ironically, been super sick last week (as in, fever, body aches, couldn’t even get out of bed) but somehow my skin was still glowing. Go, argan oil.

How I’ve been putting it on: been mixing 2-3 drops (nowadays, closer to 3-4 drops because I’ve been a bit sick and my skin needs some extra help) with my Be the Skin serum. I just put a dollop of serum in one palm, put 3 drops of argan oil on the dollop, then rub hands and mix it altogether, then pat all over face.

Quick recap: What’s argan oil?

It’s an oil that every person with dry skin should use, basically. It’s a plant oil that comes from the argan tree that can be found in mostly Morocco.

Today’s focus: What’s so great about argan oil?

  • Anti-aging –  EXTREMELY high level of vitamin E (tocopherols) and antioxidants to reduce free radical-induced damage
  • Hydrating - saponins will help moisturize dry skin without clogging pores. WORKS SO WELL.
  • Healing - triterpenoids help heal scars (old and new) and protect skin; reduces inflammation that comes with eczema (I can attest to that as someone with eczema), psoriasis, and acne.
  • Cell turnover - sterolins help improve metabolism of skin; 80% unsaturated fatty acids resist natural cell oxidation (much more so than olive oil)
  • Protecting - adds a layer to the skin and hair acting as a disinfectant to protect from pollutants, toxins and microorganisms
  • Aphrodisiac - perhaps! In Morocco (argan trees are native to Morocco), argan oil has historically been used as a way to rejuvenate sexual interest and pleasure (interesting fact of the day)


For me, I don’t have too many scars but the high level of vitamin E and healthy skin metabolism took lackluster winter skin and turned it into a positively radiant glow. Took about 4 weeks of daily AM/PM use, but it was well worth it! Hooray for me. :)

On that note, off to get my beauty rest.


Posted on August 01, 2015
by Alicia Yoon