Mizon All In One Snail Repair Cream Review: Acne-free in 2 days

Only 5% of the brands we vet make our cut - after scouring reviews, 3 week+ long focus group tests, interviewing the brands, and personally testing everything, Mizon’s All In One Snail Repair Cream made our cut with flying colors.

Here’s a list of benefits from Mizon’s R&D lab and from our focus group alike:

  • Firms skin
  • Helps with acne scarring
  • Curbs breakouts in general
  • Hydrates without any of the greasiness
  • Even helps with the red bumps behind the arms (keratosis pilaris)

This entry is going to be a bit more personal (and therefore, take on a bit more of my facetious sense of humor =P), but this is a story that the whole office decided must be shared.

I have very dry skin with eczema, so I never have acne issues; rather, my struggle has always been keeping skin hydrated, radiant and firm. Can’t have it all; one of the times life is fair, I suppose. 

However, recently, I had my first case of acne. To me, this was like an apocalyptic implosion of sorts of all that I have known about my skin and how to care for it.

My first bout of acne after over three decades of life came on with a fury, too, as though making up for decades of good acne-karma. At first, I thought the large, painful red bump was a bug bite. It quickly dawned on me that this was not that when a cluster of similar bumps formed around my mouth area. This isn’t fair. I still had dry skin prone to sagging, and now I have acne, too. I stayed upbeat. Nothing a little salicylic acid couldn’t treat. To my dismay, the acne persisted and then proceeded to leave scarring from the hyper pigmentation. I tried clay spot treatments and retinol next. No good. This led me to have to then wear more makeup to cover up the scarring, which took me an extra 15 minutes each morning to apply, thereby cutting into what precious sleep-time I manage to scrounge up in between trying to build a startup and maintain a semblance of a social life. I figured out that I can sustain a reasonably alert state of waking life when I sleep exactly at least 5 hours and 55 minutes. Far from ideal, but anything less and I’m completely dysfunctional. And now because I didn’t want to walk around with a medley of red bumps and slightly gray dots from former said red bumps, I was bordering on sleep-deprived delirium each day. Oh, how a little acne could quickly erode my quality of life!

After a few weeks, I resigned myself to my new skin type. I am now officially acne-prone. After accepting this, I had a zen moment. I decided that I’ll skip the makeup routine, confidently sport my new red additions and overcompensate through over-accessorizing. In my mind, I turned my appearance into a balanced scorecard: clear skin got dinged a few points; outfit composition went up a few points, so all was OK again! 

In my moment of peace and acceptance, I received one of the many rave emails we regularly receive about Mizon’s All In One Snail Repair Cream, and this email was similar to the most notable ones we receive, which always include a personal hallelujah from those exasperated with breakouts. And like so many others, Mizon’s snail magic was the solution that finally worked for her.

Why didn’t I think about trying this cream? After all, I recommend this cream to so many of our inquirers about what to do about acne-prone skin. I tried the cream and indeed, this cream worked for me, too. In about 48 hours, my acne cleared up and my scarring began to visibly go away.

I realize this entry sounds a bit infomercial-y, but the whole office witnessed my 4-week on/off struggle with the onset of adult acne and trying to clear it up; and then saw how Mizon’s Snail Cream did the trick. After a lot of encouragement to share this with our readers, here’s the entry!

Bottom line: this stuff works on acne; at least, if your acne is the kind I had. 

Hope you enjoyed reading! Here are a few pictures that I personally took (note: these pictures are not very good. Sorry, in some cases, practice does not make perfect!):

The miracle cream, itself.


The wonderful, wonderful cream inside.


The snail secretion filtrate that helped my acne and incidentally firms and hydrates, too. How do you say no to that?


Acne-free! Tried to capture the consistency while being applied. Gel-like and absorbs easily.


Seeps right into the skin and leaves skin quite supple and comfortable. Sorry, the camera is totally out-of-focus on the face (this was the best one, actually, after many attempts)!

Last but not least, a word for those with some reservations about using snail secretion filtrate: yes, it’s a little unnerving/unappetizing/unappealing, but fear not, these are clean lab-bred snails and the enzyme is filtrated many times to purify it before it goes on your face. Once you get past this mental block, it’s really hard not to say YES to this enzyme that helps regenerate skin to heal scars, keeps it bacteria free to stop breakouts, hydrates, and firms.

If you have any questions about this cream, skincare questions in general or Korean beauty questions, we’re always happy to help at info@peachandlily.com!

xo- Alicia

Posted on June 26, 2015
by Alicia Yoon