Snail Week: Tuesday - Snail Recovery Gel Cream

There was one universal complaint in our office today: it’s too hot. 

NYC is heating up, and that means we’ve switched from heavy night creams to lighter moisturizers and from body butter to aloe vera gel. 

Needless to say, the last thing we want when leaving the house or getting ready to apply makeup is a greasy//sticky moisturizer. 

Our secret to moisturizing in the summer is… Snail Recovery Gel Cream

With 74% snail mucin, it’s become our favorite moisturizer because it glides and absorbs seamlessly into our skin and locks in moisture and nutrients without feeling like a mask. Straight out of the tube, it’s like a giant moisture bubble that melts into your skin once you start applying it. 

This lightweight moisturizer is perfect for daytime use because it plumps up skin with a boost of moisture and dries into a silky smooth finish. For those who don’t like the extra hassle of a foundation primer, this is the answer. 

Like Mizon’s other snail inventions, the formula is full of other goodies like adenosine for diminishing wrinkles, hyaluronic acid for hydration, and vitamin 5 for promoting skin’s firmness. Following the snail trail of other multi-functional products, this gel cream would be great stored in a refrigerator for alleviating sunburns or overexposure. 

The non-greasy, alcohol-free formula is the perfect addition to your gym bag to restore and calm skin after a sweaty workout session. If you’re setting off for a beach destination, the 1.52 fl oz size will get by security without a problem. We like to keep one at our desk and gently pat it into our skin throughout the day to prevent the cold A/C air from drying out our face. 

It’s hard to think of where we wouldn’t use this versatile gel cream, but for now, we’re only going to worry about stocking up on back up tubes. 

Our “Snail Fact” of the day focuses on what snail mucus actually does… you know, besides rescuing our skin. 

In fact, snail mucus is, unsurprisingly, an amazing lubricant. Not only does it cover the snail’s whole body in a protective film, but it also helps facilitate it’s slow but steady movements. Snails have actually been known to crawl on the slime trails of other snails to get on the fast track (they actually average around 0.0004 mph - see gif below). 


But snails aren’t just slipping and sliding all over the place. Their mucus actually helps them create a powerful suction to maneuver vertically and upside down. But let’s be honest, we love their mucus because it’s getting us ever closer to flawless looking skin. 

Check back tomorrow for another new snail product that is basically the opposite of today’s Snail Recovery Gel Cream… any guesses? 

Posted on July 07, 2015
by Shannon Zhu