Complete Your At Home Spa Day With Korean Spa Shangpree's Deluxe Kit

We wanted to end the #BareItAll flash sale series on an especially exciting note, so we present you with a 24-hour-only opportunity to get the best of Shangpree for 40% off.

The Deluxe Home Spa Kit is already a limited-time-only curation to Peach & Lily, and was already priced at a $50.00 savings, so this is truly a special deal!

First and foremost, Shangpree. Shangpree is Korea’s #1 top spa–a place where in-the-know locals and celebs retreat for true pampering. The experience is one of the most high-end in a city already known for its incredible skincare. Why? Well, at Shangpree estheticians train for three years before ever touching a client’s face. Shangpree estheticians are the gold standard for estheticians at large in Seoul—in fact, they work as judges in Korean-government-sponsored facial competitions.

When Shangpree decided to create their own skincare products, these estheticians worked on formulating them—so you know they’re good. This particular box set is a collection of cult favorites all geared towards bringing the Shangpree experience right to you.

So, what’s inside?

Perhaps you’re familiar with Shangpree’s Modeling Masks/Rubber Masks. The gold standard in the product category, these masks, had previously only been available during facial treatments in Korean spas. If you haven’t already tried a rubber mask, it’s an absolute must for any beauty junkie. The results leave many of our customers (even the most skeptical!) speechless. The glow from one of these masks simply speaks for have to see it to believe it. Normally, each single-use mask is $20, but this kit includes one of each of Shangpree’s three offerings. While all three are plumping (they all contain collagen) and hydrating (they retain moisture for upto 72 hours once mixed!)—they do address different skin concerns.

Shangpree Gold Premium Modeling Mask

The Gold Modeling Mask replenishes moisture, firms, and protects the skin with a bevy of antioxidants. Panthenol, jojoba oil, and grape seed oil condition the skin. Propolis extract nourishes and soothes. Ideal for normal, combination, mature, and dry/sensitive skin.

Shangpree Silver Premium Modeling Mask

The Silver Modeling Mask brightens, revitalizes, and softens the skin. It contains niacinamide to fade scarring and leave the skin more radiant. Silk amino acids revitalize the skin and stimulate collagen production. Ideal for normal, combination, or mature skin.

Shangpree Black Premium Modeling Mask

The Black Modeling Mask contains charcoal, for a deep-cleanse of the pores, absorbs excess oil, and detoxifies the skin. Rosemary helps to stop excess oil production and is anti-bacterial, which also works to prevent blemishes. Ideal for combination, normal, and oily skin types.

Bowl & Spatula

Making it that much easier to prepare your modeling mask, the Deluxe Home Spa Kit also contains Shangpree’s bowl and spatula duo.

Gold Black Pearl Hydrogel Eye Masks


We swear by this set of 30 under eye masks, which, in addition to providing serious rejuvenation to the delicate under eye area, also happen to be pretty & super-instagrammable. ;)


Made with hydrating carrageenan extract, soothing cucumber, and anti-aging amino acids, the Gold Black Pearl Hydrogel Eye Mask help hydrate, firm, decrease puffiness, and smooth out the appearance of fine lines.

Pore Tightening Mask

This detoxifying, clay-based mask does all things you want it to—clean the pores, eliminate dead skin and excess sebum, without stripping the skin at all. In fact, thanks to the smart inclusion of ingredients like hyaluronic acid, this mask manages to detox and hydrate at once,

...and, because no K-Beauty set would be complete without some, two luxe Sheet Masks...

Snail Moisture Sheet Mask

This mask feature K-beauty hero ingredient, snail mucin, which hydrates, brightens, and repairs the skin, plus aloe, which works to soothe irritation.

Charcoal Hydrogel Mask

This 2-piece hydrogel mask detoxifies and deep cleans the skin thanks to charcoal, which works to treat acne and absorb excess oil on the skin.

PLUS—a number of samples, including, a pair of deluxe samples of the Bitgoa Hue Essence Toner + Emulsion, 2 single use samples of the S-Energy Cleansing Gel, and 2 single use sample of the Crystal BB Cream.

No code needed. Final sale. While Supplies last.

Posted on May 31, 2016
by Peach & Lily