The Peach & Lily Guide To Brightening Products and Glowing Skin!

Here at Peach & Lily we’ve made it a priority to do more than sell products we think are the cream of the crop—but to help you figure out which ones might just be your skincare soul mates. While various skin concerns are addressed on our site—we know it can be helpful to take a closer look at some of these products—especially as they compare to one another. First up (and in celebration of the brighter months to come), let’s talk about brightening.



Essences & Toners

Be The Skin, Purifying White Waterful Toner, $29
In addition to the standard requirements of a toner—balancing the pH, preparing the skin for all the glorious other steps of your carefully curated skin regimen—this one also contains some special brightening ingredients. Green tea and licorice are the potent forces in this formulation.

Like other Be The Skin formulations, this toner is made with Korean botanical herbs. A wonderful staple for anyone down with a multi-step regimen, and focused on brightening, or reversing past environmental damage.

Shangpree, Bitgoa Hue Essence Toner, $57
We usually don’t equate luxury products with ones geared toward convenience. After all, luxury is all about taking (and having) the time to pamper oneself—things many of us do not regularly enjoy. So, props to Shangpree, Korea’s elite spa, for creating this luxurious Essence Toner, which combines two steps of the K-beauty regimen into one without sacrificing any luxury. This essence toner glides on to the skin like silk—and thanks to a special cocktail of seven fermented ingredientslotus, soybean, pomegranate, rice, pumpkin, milk, rye, ginseng root for a soothing and brightening formula that feels like a dream to use.


Serums, Etc.

Be The Skin, Purifying White Waterful Serum, $39
Be The Skin’s serums are thick in consistency—almost emulsion-like. In addition to green tea, this serum contains mushrooms and arbutin, an extract of the bearberry plant in the genus Arctostaphylos. Arbutin is a common ingredient in brightening skin care products as it inhibits melanin.

Aromatica, Neroli Brightening Facial Oil, $42
Did you know that neroli is a citrus? Neroli oil is derived from the blossom of a bitter orange tree—and suddenly even those of us with less-than-even-rudimentary understandings of cosmetic chemistry can see why this natural ingredient works for brightening and rejuvenating tired, dull skin!

May Coop, White Activator, $63
One of Peach & Lily’s newest launches, May Coop’s white birch activator is a fresh serum chock-full of highly absorbable white birch—which, like May Coop’s signature Maple Water, seeps right into the skin. In addition to hydrating hyaluronic acid, this serum brightens with arbutin and niacinamide. Niacinamide is an oft-mentioned ingredient when it comes to brightening skin care products—and with good reason. This ingredient, long for Vitamin B3 is one of the best you can choose for skin care and health at large. It is shown to: improve elasticity, enhance the skin barrier function, and help to diminish discoloration and PIH (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation) which revives the skin’s tone and texture.

Skin Inc., Encapsulated Chlorella Serum, $45
Be The Skin’s serums are designed for skin care mixology. But, if brightening is a concern you’ll want to make sure that Chlorella is in your custom serum. This nutrient rich green algae helps to brighten the skin and leave you with that coveted healthy glow!



Be The Skin, Purifying White Waterful Cream, $39
This hydrating cream, like other members of its White Waterful family, brightens with green tea, rice, and other natural ingredients.

Shangpree, Bitgoa Hue Rich Cream, $85
This brightening moisturizer is hydrating but not sticky, and hydrating but not greasy. Another luxurious pick from Seoul’s elite Shangpree spa, this moisturizer brings your regimen to a delightful close.

May Coop, White Moisturizer, $39
The gel-like, yet hydrating texture of this newly launched moisturizer makes it appropriate for year-round use (especially for oily skin types who do not need heavier hydration). Lest you think the lightweight texture means this product packs less of a punch—rest assured, it contains all the key ingredients you want: hyaluronic acid, ceramides, niacinamide, and arbutin.

Cremorlab, Triple Bright White Bloom Floral Cream, $72
So, we always want our moisturizers to hydrate our skin. But sometimes, we want more. In the case of this Cremorlab cream, that means a potent blend of floral extracts, including Prunus Serrulata Flower extract, or in simpler terms, cherry blossom. The final touch? Niacinamide. Commitment-phobes, find the sheet mask version right this way.


...Masks & Miscellaneous

May Coop, White Water Cleanser, $30
A face with no makeup is bright and beautiful when makeup is removed with this brightening micellar cleanser made with white birch sap from our favorite tree-loving company, May Coop.

Ariul, 7 Days Mask in Lemon, $3
The Ariul 7 Days Sheet Masks are great in general—and if you’re looking for brightening, lemon is your fruit of choice. Vitamin C and Citric acid brighten the skin and the relaxing feel of this thin mask means caring for your skin and addressing any dullness concerns will be a pleasure.

Leaders, Coconut Gel Mask With Orange, $6
Oranges = Vitamin C. Vitamin C = Brightening. A perfectly-fitted gel sheet mask, made of fermented coconut juice, is a quick fix to glowing skin.

Posted on March 16, 2016
by Peach & Lily