Teapot Brush Set
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For those of us who apply makeup regularly, the to-go brush caddy isn't the best way to keep your brushes healthy. Our priorities are to make sure our brushes stay (1) free of dust and (2) upright so brush hairs don't get bent out of shape and (3) easy to grasp at the handle instead of tugging at the bristles which can move bacteria from hands to brush to face.

(1) Blush brush
(2) Concealer brush
(3) Shadow brush
(4) Detailer brush
(5) Eyeliner brush
How to Use
Lift the top lid to gain access to your brushes and set back into place to seal the container tight, keeping dust and germs out of your brush bristles.
Peach and Lily
This 5-piece brush set is made with super-soft synthetic bristles that are perfect for all your everyday needs. Held in a space-efficient container to keep out dust and other particles out, these brushes are kept pristine so they last longer and stronger. Great as a gift or a replacement for your brush collection, these brushes allow for seamless makeup applications without the mess.