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T-Zone Pore Spot Serum
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This innovative wash-off serum with camellia flower extract helps to curb excess sebum production to help achieve the look of clear, smooth skin. The serum also has brightening properties from silver magnolia extract that helps to improve overall skin tone. The Six Herb Complex helps to soften rough skin.


Size: 22g
Active Ingredients: Camellia Flower Extract, Herb Complex, Magnolia Bark Extract, Amino Acid Complex, Panthenol
How to Use
After washing the face, apply the serum onto the T-Zone areas (nose and forehead). Then, apply a pore pack like the Caolion Pore Original Pack over the serum. After 10-15 minutes, wash over the pack and serum to reveal smoother and brighter skin.
Peach and Lily Take
A perfect addition to your Caolion pore packs, this wash-off serum adds an intense cooling sensation to help seal up pores and calm irritations.
The Must Know
(1) Six herb complex helps to soften rough skin
(2) Camelia Flower extract hydrates the skin to curb excess sebum production
(3) Silver Magnolia extract promotes a more even skin tone
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