Matcha Pudding Antioxidant Cream

Drenches skin with antioxidants
This cream addresses real life head-on. If you've ever wondered why you might be seeing premature and rapid signs of aging, you're not alone. Our skin bears increasing stress from heightened pollution, fast-paced stressful lives, excess sun exposure and lack of sleep leading to more free radical damage. The Matcha Pudding Antioxidant Cream drenches skin with antioxidants deep within skin and also creates a weightless, invisible antioxidant barrier to help fight off free radical damage at all layers of the skin. This cream is thoughtfully formulated to work with your everyday demands — and supports your skin the right way. Spiked with matcha, cape lilac extract, niacinamide and adenosine, skin is blasted with antioxidants and brightening and firming ingredients. A delightful pudding texture delivers deep hydration without sitting heavy on the skin. You have found your superhero cream.

The results speak for themselves:
  • 100% said skin was hydrated, revived and refreshed
  • 100% saw improved dry patches and less dullness
  • 100% said the moisturizer did not clog pores or cause breakouts
  • 100% said skin felt less irritated and reactive with reduced skin sensitivity
  • *Results from third party consumer study

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      The star ingredient we used is matcha. There are very few ingredients that rival the antioxidant density of matcha. Our Matcha Pudding is packed to the brim with this super-charged antioxidant-source so that your skin gets flooded with antioxidants -- every last nook and cranny of your skin. We also infused the formula with niacinamide to help brighten dark spots and even skin tone, and fight inflammation. We wanted the cream to also deliver firming and lifting benefits in a big way, so we included adenosine. Panthenol leaves skin soft and rejuvenated while allantoin is soothing and calming. Combined with botanical extracts, this pudding cream gives your skin a super-sized serving of antioxidants to neutralize the almost inevitable free radical damage from daily life. A fast-paced life or exposure to pollution no longer needs to show up on your skin.

      Texture: lightweight, velvety-pudding, breathable, soft

      Scent: subtle, wafting notes of fruits combined with fresh botanicals - we're reminded of a pristine, crisp spring evening where everything smells clean and uplifting; the scent is subtle and floats away after application
      Skin Concerns
      • Acne
      • Anti-aging
      • Dullness
      • Fine Lines/Wrinkles
      • Firmness
      • Redness
      • Sensitivity
      Skin Types
      • Dry Skin
      • Normal Skin
      • Oily Skin
      • Combination Skin
      How to Use
      Pat or massage onto face and neck.
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      As the last step of a routine before SPF or makeup, we wanted the cream to also have the perfect finish. The decadent, light pudding texture sinks right into skin in a velvety soft way, and leaves skin perfectly calm, with a hydrated-matte look. This cream never pills and primes skin well for makeup. For those with oilier skin, an extra benefit is decreased shine. For those with drier skin, this cream quenches skin thirst and hydrates without being waxy, heavy or greasy. Great for all skin types. Discover what skin looks and feels like when a weightless antioxidant-barrier refreshes and protects skin.