Marine Hydrogel Mist

With minerals from twenty different marine plants

You may have already tried and loved Shangpree's Hydrogel Eye Masks. The popularity of these eye masks led Shangpree to wonder how they could create a 24/7 version of these eye masks. After two years of research, this innovative mist brings you a hydrogel mask that can be sprayed on like a mist through the day. The result? Skin that's bouncy, hydrated and nourished with antioxidants and a bevy of glow-boosting minerals from twenty different marine plants. This versatile two-way mist can be used as a mist with one spritz, or double duties as a leave-on mask treatment, with multiple spritzes. Discover the brand's most popular hydrogel masks in mist form for 24/7 hydration. Ideal for parched, dull skin