Lanshin Pro Gua Sha Tool with Free Gift

Sculpt & smooth with the industry’s most coveted Gua Sha Tool

Not all Gua Sha tools are created alike. Gua Sha – when done well – is clinically proven to visibly deliver smoother lines, more lifted skin, enhanced glow, and contoured facial curves.

After testing countless Gua Sha tools, we curated the Lanshin Pro Tool because it delivered dramatically better results.

Here's why: The Pro Tool is patented and designed by Sandra Lanshin Chiu, one of the most renowned Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners and acupuncturists. Every edge of the tool has been expertly crafted for a unique benefit that only this tool was able to deliver so visibly when we tested many different Gua Sha tools. And unlike other tools, the Pro Tool uses luxe nephrite jade which is one of the few stones clinically proven to conduct infrared waves to speed cellular recovery for skin renewal.

Consider this your definitive, best-in-class, forever Gua Sha tool. This one-time investment will continue to give and give as you see your skin transform.

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    Why Gua Sha? According to renowned expert Sandra Lanshin Chiu, "Facial Gua Sha moves lymphatic fluids, releases the fascia so skin can function better, and breaks down adhesions and hardness in muscles, like in the jaw. The net effect is a significant boost of blood to the skin, and an increase in the circulatory flow of blood and fluids." This increased circulation improves natural hydration, gives a glowy skin tone, and aids skin’s ability to purge the dirt, sebum, and general buildup in the pores that leads to acne.

    Why Lanshin? When it comes to Gua Sha, the benefits can vary widely based on technique and the design and quality of the tool. We tested over 50 different Gua Sha tools and curated the Lanshin Pro Tool based on the dramatically better results we saw with the Pro Tool. The Pro Tool is a cut above the rest in multiples ways. First, the luxurious Nephrite Jade material is clinically proven to conduct infrared waves to speed cellular recovery for skin renewal. Additionally, this material is dense and luxurious and won’t easily crack or chip with softer stones like rose quartz, regular jade or obsidian. Second, Gua Sha is an actual clinical practice and getting the technique right is of paramount importance. That's why TCM healers will often deliver stunning results in a Gua Sha session that you can't replicate at home. Sandra understood this and spent years designing the perfect tool that brings her expertise to your fingerprints. This foolproof tool makes it easy for you to be your own Gua Sha Pro so that you can see professional results at home. You won't find this award-winning design anywhere else – it's patented and one-of-a-kind.

    Why Pure Beam Luxe Oil? 100% cold-pressed and plant-based, our facial oil delivers fully intact vital fatty acids and antioxidants to help reinforce your skin's protective lipid barrier, leaving skin supple and soft. Great for all skin types, and silky and fast-absorbing, this oil is the perfect companion to your Pro Tool.
    Skin Concerns
    • Acne
    • Anti-aging
    • Dullness
    • Fine Lines/Wrinkles
    • Firmness
    Skin Types
    • Dry Skin
    • Normal Skin
    • Oily Skin
    • Combination Skin
    How to Use
    Using proper technique in Facial Gua Sha will increase circulation and energize skin and tissue, delivering the best results. We know it can be intimidating at first, so you can watch this step-by-step YouTube video to see Sandra demonstrate her technique and explain the benefits of the Lanshin Pro's unique design features.

    ● SKIN PREP: Prep for Gua Sha by washing your face and then applying Pure Beam Luxe Oil. You want the tool to glide on skin as if spreading softened butter on bread.

    ● AFTER FACIAL GUA SHA: You don't need to wash your face after Gua Sha. It's an excellent way to help skincare penetrate into the skin. You can always follow with moisturizer and SPF.

    ● ECZEMA: Facial Gua Sha is okay for eczema-prone or very dry skin, but NEVER on eczema flare-ups or raw skin.

    CAUTION: Those with a heart condition or clotting disorder should check with their doctor before practicing Gua Sha at home as self-care.
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    We've been there, too. Excited by all the Gua Sha buzz, we purchased the very affordable Gua Sha tools we found online. Only to have them break or sit on our shelves collecting dust because after a few days of using them, the novelty wore off and there weren’t really visible results. Sure, on days we want to get into that self-care vibe, we'd light a candle, dust off our Gua Sha tool and enjoy how relaxing it feels, but we didn't see the promised results TCM healers were referencing when it comes to the power of Gua Sha.

    Our founder, Alicia, dug deep to better understand what better options existed compared to these lackluster tools. Who were the experts in TCM who could explain how to actually have Gua Sha deliver the incredible results that are touted? Is there a difference when specific materials are used? Does the shape and weight of the stone matter? Can you actually have professional results if you're not a classically trained TCM expert?

    After extensive testing, interviewing, and research, we found the one Gua Sha tool to have. We hope you're as amazed by your results with the Lanshin Pro Tool as we are. Cheers to radiance, Peaches.