Diamond Luminous Cream

Rejuvenates skin immediately
For those struggling with dark spots, an uneven complexion and hyper- pigmentation, the Diamond Luminous Cream by Shangpree is an incredibly effective treatment. The formula is appropriate even to use as a spot treatment on your face and body, including but not limited to discoloration on knees, elbows, underarms, etc. Formulated with diamond powder to detoxify and add a luminous effect to skin upon application, this cream even gives off a slight shimmer. Brightening agents like Niacinamide, the Sang-Hwang Mushroom, Forsythiae Fructus, and extract of the Madonna Lily help to lighten dark spots for a more even and bright complexion while extract from the White Jelly Mushroom ensures deep, below-the-surface hydration. Ideal for Dull, Lackluster Skin
50 ml / 1.69 fl oz

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    (1) Niacinamide and the Sang-Hwang Mushroom impart incredibly brightening properties

    (2) White Jelly Mushroom extract and Argan oil ensures deep and long-lasting hydration

    (3) Soluble collagen firms up skin to improve elasticity and resilience

    (4) A very fine diamond powder gives the skin a beautiful shimmer finish

    (5) The cream can be used as a spot treatment on areas of the skin suffering from discoloration
    Skin Concerns
    • Dark Spots / Hyperpigmentation
    • Dullness
    • Fine Lines/Wrinkles
    • Firmness
    • Pores
    Skin Types
      How to Use
      Apply as the last step of your morning and evening skincare routines. Massage into skin in upward strokes over face and neck.
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      Shangpree does it again - this rich yet easy absorbing cream rejuvenates skin immediately. Regular use and overnight application reveal long-term improvement to the skin's texture, complexion, and firmness.