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Summer Skin Savers

Let's protect our skin!

Did you know studies show that on average 80% of skin damage happens in the summer? SPF goes without saying, but antioxidants are also a must. They protect skin from free radicals which break down collagen, can lead to blemishes, and cause premature aging. In the summer, I always double down on antioxidants.

Here are my favorite antioxidant-rich products, let's get to preserving our skin health!

Don't forget to moisturize!

Not using one in the summer is one of the biggest mistakes I see. I get it - it's hot, humid and you're sweaty. You don't feel dehydrated, so why use a moisturizer? When your skin is stressed out from the heat and sun, the skin barrier can weaken and while you may feel oily, your skin can be dehydrated.

Make sure you seal in much needed moisture and antioxidants with a summer-friendly lightweight moisturizer. These are my top staples for the summer!

Masks are your friends, especially in the heat!

Our skin can get clogged, stressed, dehydrated, burned, and damaged in the summer. Masks are an easy way to instantly address issues and nip them in the bud. They're intensive, results-driven and a boost when you need it most.

These are my can't-live-without picks for the summer!

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