The Snail Cream That Launched An Entire Product Line

If you’re a K-beauty fan, you’ve probably heard of snail cream. You’ve probably heard about the cream that eliminates acne in just two days or the cream that improves even the most stubborn dark spots or the cream that magically hydrates without leaving any trace of tackiness.

You’ve probably heard about Mizon’s All-in-One Snail Repair Cream.

We first discovered this snail cream back in 2012 because it was generating so much buzz in Korea. It was ranked the number one skincare item on Korea’s biggest e-commerce sites consistently for years, and, curious, we had to find out for ourselves what this hype was all about. We reached out to Mizon and interviewed their R&D team, asking them so many questions they were kind to answer, and we learned interesting things like:

  • The Mizon snail cream is packed with a huge concentration of 92% snail secretion filtrate.
  • The cream was developed over years to ensure that the cream would contain no pore-clogging ingredients and absorb quickly with a silky, weightless texture that melts into skin without leaving residual greasiness.
  • Mizon was committed to cutting out middlemen, prioritizing high-tech science (fun fact: scientists left skincare powerhouse Amore Pacific to join Mizon with this promise in mind!) and keep value-oriented pricing. 


We loved everything about Mizon’s philosophy, but the true test, of course, was the efficacy of the product itself — would it live up to our high expectations?

Luckily, when we tried the snail cream, it was love at first try. Then, as we kept using it, we kept falling in love, learning firsthand why this snail cream was so special and why Korea was so head-over-heels in love with this product. It’s gentle with a cool, gel-like texture that sinks into skin and leaves it soft and bouncy while going in deep to work on blemishes. With just a few days’ use, our skin was completely transformed — more hydrated, firmer, and brighter with significantly fewer breakouts.

The runaway success of the snail cream inspired Mizon to produce sister products — the snail ampoule, snail foam cleanser, and the snail BB cream to name a few. They’re still developing products and adding to this line, and we’re particularly excited about this recent new addition to the snail family — the snail essence!

The essence is 86% snail extract, and it has a slightly more gel-like texture than other, more watery essences. Fast-absorbing and gentle, this essence floods your skin with hydration, prepping it for any serums, ampoules, and moisturizers that follow in your skincare routine. You can use the essence with the snail cream for faster, more dramatic results, or you can pair the snail essence with your favorite moisturizer and still reap all the benefits of snail extract. That’s one of the things we love about Mizon’s snail products: you don’t have to use them all together to get the wonderful results of snail extract but can incorporate them individually into your routine with other products and still get that radiance.

If you’ve never tried a snail product before, we recommend you try this essence or the tried-and-true classic, the snail cream. If you’ve tried and loved the Mizon snail cream, you’ll be sure to love the essence because Mizon has snailed it again!

(P.S. if you purchase from us at Peach & Lily, you know you’re getting a guaranteed authentic product — as Mizon’s exclusive U.S. retailer, we only sell the real thing.)

Posted on December 18, 2018
by Peach & Lily