Peach & Lily Namesake Skincare Collection: Real Reviews from Real People

After three years, three labs, and forty plus chemists, our formulas were finalized! And no only did we ship them off for third party consumer testing where the results and before and after's were phenomenal, we also asked our family and friends for their honest feedback. We also gathered feedback from third party testers (no relationship to Peach & Lily) for our Super Reboot Resurfacing Mask and the Original Glow Sheet Mask. We'll put an asterisk next to those reviews below. We wanted to share some of the fun photos and thoughts people left behind. Real thoughts from real people!


Matcha Pudding Antioxidant Cream:

Mike: This is a really great easy to apply moisturizer. I don’t feel greasy after at all, or like I need to let it soak in before I go out in public. I also love the branding and packaging of the products!! 

Joey: I use this only at night and LOVE it. The smell is incredible and it is a good heavy moisturizer I love to lather up and let soak in as I get ready for bed. I am very excited about this addition to my routine. 

Sanaa: ...can't wait until that green cream launches!!!! How is it so calming? Doesn't clog pores at all, just super soothing and nourishing. Makeup applies well over it, makes the oily parts matte but still hydrated, cream is amazing! It might be my favorite cream and I'm not just saying that because it's P&L's (Sanaa used to be a member of team Peach & Lily)!

Sang Yeon: This cream is so intriguing. I have dry skin, so usually I have to use creams that are very heavy and leaves my skin greasy. This hydrates really deep within, but the surface is left velvety-soft without any shine and my skin can breathe. I have a baby and a young child at home and I'm picky about safety and what I use and I love this. Would use daily.

Alicia's mom: I'm in my 60s and I need a lot of nutrient support for my skin. I shared this with my friends because I loved it so much. We all love it. When is it coming out? I need more of this soon. Love you, umma. 


Super Reboot Resurfacing Mask

Mike: This is my new favorite mask! It was so easy to put on and you feel it working immediately. My skin was so smooth after using it and it was glowing! 

Joey: This was slightly drying for my skin, but it was an incredible exfoliant to use. After I used it I felt like all roughness was gone! It also feels so cool while on your skin, making you feel like you know its working! 

Jenna: I don't like using strong acids because I like being really gentle with my skin. I was nervous to use this, but I'm glad I tried it. It's now a part of my weekly routine. It keeps this mama's skin totally radiant and firm and hydrated. And pregnancy-melasma is gone!

Brittany: I really liked it! It tingles in the beginning, so it feels cooling. Then I washed it off and my face was so refreshed. No irritation!

Elinor: I LOVE the smell!

MH: I didn't know one product could make my skin feel so different after one application. My face felt really soft and clear. My pores were cleared out and I kept touching my face.

Aryce*: This product is not only effective but I find it visually appealing as well. It worked super well for my skin! It's a new HG (holy grail) for me. 

Vanessa*: Absolutely LOVE the feel of my skin after using this mask! I've used others in the past but this was gentle and my skin feels so fresh and glowing! Making makeup application look perfect too!

Andrea*: I thought this was an excellent product! My face tingled for the first minute after applying, but quickly went away. When I washed my face after 20 minutes my face felt so smooth and fresh! I love it!

Sara*: I honestly loved EVERYTHING about this mask! It smells divine, felt great on my face, and was extremely easy to use. The results were fantastic! The pores on my face looked so much smaller and the wrinkles on my forehead were far less obvious. I was shocked at the amazing results! I'm so glad I tried this mask, and will be using it often. I can't wait to buy more, this is the best mask I've ever tried and I've tried so many over the years. My skin looks and feels so much fresher, newer, and years younger. This one is a winner for sure!!


Pure Beam Luxe Oil:

Joey: I use this oil multiple times a day when I’m feeling a little dry. It smells great, easy to apply, and I feel it immediately working as soon as I apply. My favorite P&L product. 

Mike: I have oily skin and this is the first oil I’ve used that doesn’t make me break out. It’s light enough for my skin type to hydrate but still be breathable! Great product, would absolutely recommend.  

BD: My skin breaks out at times, but this gave me no issues. It absorbs quickly and my skin was really smooth. I like that it has healthy ingredients in it.

MS: My skin is parched and flaky and this made it all better! I was pretty surprised because with one application, my skin really looked so supple and hydrated. My makeup didn't cake after using this oil. I like knowing that there's a lot of antioxidants in here since I want to prevent aging!


Jenna: My favorite serum ever. Literally. I can't get enough of this serum. I do just a pump or two or a lot and it all soaks in. But the best part is that I can see a really dramatic difference. My skin is sooo gleaming and yes, looks like glass. I'm definitely getting a few of these serums when you launch!

Kyu: Omg this sinks in immediately and then my skin just gets plumper and really bright. Woah.

Alicia's mom: When does this come out? I ran out and I really need more of this! It's amazing amazing amazing. My skin is transformed. Everyone asks me about what I'm using. I tried some of the other serums (other serum formulas we had been exploring) and this one stands out right away. It works fast and it's been about two weeks now and my skin looks like me maybe twenty years ago. What's in here? Great job, honey! (Moms are so encouraging! This mom also provides super honest feedback so that the formulas can be outstanding, and this formula is mom-approved with a glowing review!)


Original Glow Sheet Mask:

These photos say it all! These before and after photos are after one-time use.


Cheers to radiance, everyone!

xo- Team Peach & Lily


Posted on July 16, 2018
by Alicia Yoon