Autumn Skin Rescue
The temperatures have been dropping significantly in NYC which means sweater weather is upon us. Break out your knits, beanies and in our case, rainboots and get comfy. However, while our bodies are all warm and snuggly, our skin is left to brave the cold. Dry patches are abundant, redness is flaring and just overall, it just can’t catch a break.
The Best Korean Toners for Combination Skin, Normal Skin, and Skin That Needs a Brightening Boost
The necessity of toners is often questioned, but the truth is, these liquid formulas, meant for use right after cleansing, are indeed essential.
Top 3 Pore Tips for Healthy Pores
One of the top questions we receive in the summer months is around everything-pores! How can I remove visible impurities from my pores? How can I make my pores look smaller or smoother? How can I get ahead of consistent pore issues?
A wintry kind of orange
A couple weeks ago, I was walking down the street and saw this girl pulling off an incredible look. She had an all black, sleek outfit on with an equally sleek ponytail. Her makeup looked clean with black eyeliner, no apparent eyeshadow. The ONE thing that she had on that stood out was this amazing light orange lipstick. Less really is more sometimes. With a minimalist look, that one pop of color was stunning on her.
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How Korean A-list celebrities stay flawless: it's in the washing
Let’s face the truth here - most of us are not washing our face properly. Washing your face properly is really low hanging fruit that Korean and Japanese celebs swear by. They’ve been indoctrinated by beauticians in Asia who emphasize over and over and over again that the little daily things matter most, like how one washes their face every AM and PM.
Step-By-Step: Shangpree Gold Premium Modeling Mask
Modeling masks - or rubber masks as Alicia, our founder, likes to call them - have been used around the world and particularly in Korea because of their unparalleled ability to coax out the best side of your skin. 
5 Star Club: 5 Peach & Lily products with perfect reviews
Its hard to be perfect. But, when it comes do beauty products, there are just some formulas that are indeed flawless. Here at Peach & Lily, we are so fortunate to have such an amazingly educated, discerning community filled with people who love to give us feedback