Are You Ready for Retinol?
What are Retinoids?
Peach & Lily - The Difference Between Prebiotic and Probiotic Skincare
Your gut may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about skincare, but recent pre and probiotic skincare trends have highlighted the connection between gut health and skin health. Much like you skin, your gut has its own microbiome and surprisingly the two share many of the same microorganisms that protect against invading pathogens. Appearing naturally, these microorganisms promote healthy skin and gut biomes but certain prebiotic and probiotic supplements that can assist them. That’s the essence of pre and probiotic skincare – promoting a healthier gut which can, in turn, promote healthier skin.
Peach & Lily - The Advantages of Double Cleansing
As Korean skincare becomes more prevalent in the United States, double cleansing has been getting more and more attention and becoming more and more popular, although nowhere near as ubiquitous as it is in Asian countries. In Asia the double cleansing method is in practically everyone’s skincare routine but people around the world can all benefit from it! After all, cleansing is arguably the most important step in any skincare routine and is key to keeping skin healthy and appearing youthful.
Peach & Lily - What Causes Acne?
There are many answers to the question “what causes acne?” and what causes acne for one person may not for another. It’s an important question to answer though, because it helps get to the roots of a breakout and treating it will provide long lasting results. Acne is typically a symptom of an underlying issue and the answer to the “what causes acne” question is usually related to one of these three root acne causes:
What does oily skin really need?
For oily skin, it might seem like the fastest or only solution is to blot the oily away or use products that matte skin without addressing the more fundamental causes of oily skin. 
Peach & Lily - Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid for Skin
Hyaluronic acid is one of the newer crazes in skincare but with its variety of benefits it is here to stay. Commonly abbreviated to AH, hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring molecule found throughout our bodies that holds the key to smooth and flawless skin, among other things. Here’s a rundown of some of the benefits of hyaluronic acid for your skin and how it can make a big impact:
Everything You Need to Know About Keratosis Pilaris
Keratosis Pilaris (KP) is an extremely common skin condition characterized by small bumps and dry rough patches on the body, most often on the back of the upper arms, the front of thighs, and the buttocks. KP is often described as a condition of childhood. Studies indicate that KP affects between 50 and 80% of all adolescents. But for many people – up to 40% of all adults, with higher incidence rates for women as compared to men – this condition persists well into adulthood and beyond.
KP Bump Boss Microderm Body Scrub: behind-the-scenes
My skin struggles are not just neck-up. I have keratosis pilaris and severe eczema among other skin issues head to toe. Like me, I know many of you face skin challenges neck-down. We're so excited that we're able to finally introduce you to our first-ever body solution to address your body skin priorities.