We're always hunting for beauty tips: here's this week's Top 5
Serums, Lotions, and Creams? What's the Difference?
how are serums, lotions and creams different?
Toners and pH Levels - What You Need to Know
the science behind toners 
Tips for Kissable Lips
let’s do some lip-talk today!
Let’s Go Seoul Beauty Tripping
Peach and Lily is headed back to the Motherland with HUGE aspirations for the year. We’re kicking off spring (which is arguably the best season to be in the tiny but temperately temperamental peninsula re: Monsoon Summers) on a work trip to the very center of beauty innovation; we’re essentially embarking on an El Dorado-caliber treasure hunt for the very best beauty in. the. world.
Fermentation - a Korean Beauty Ingredient
Walking around Seoul, I notice a lot of rice-based and makkule (traditional korean acoholic beverage)/sake-based skincare products that fly off shelves. What’s so special about these products? They use fermentation as a key part of the formulation.
Vitamin C, the Skin Superhero
Yes, Vitamin C is a skincare superhero. We mean it. SUPERHERO.
Oats - A Skin Secret for Dry and Sensitive Skin
After an extensive conversation with a close Peach and Lily friend about her friend’s dry and sensitive skin, I felt her woes having experienced that myself growing up with mild eczema and therefore slightly dry skin.