Fermentation - a Korean Beauty Ingredient
Walking around Seoul, I notice a lot of rice-based and makkule (traditional korean acoholic beverage)/sake-based skincare products that fly off shelves. What’s so special about these products? They use fermentation as a key part of the formulation.
Vitamin C, the Skin Superhero
Yes, Vitamin C is a skincare superhero. We mean it. SUPERHERO.
Oats - A Skin Secret for Dry and Sensitive Skin
After an extensive conversation with a close Peach and Lily friend about her friend’s dry and sensitive skin, I felt her woes having experienced that myself growing up with mild eczema and therefore slightly dry skin.
The Truth about Facial Mists
In fact, facial mists are a must-have in your Korean skincare routine.
Why exfoliate? Top Reasons Why You Should Use an Exfoliator.
Why exfoliate?
Oil cleansers: it all begins here
We love Shu Uemura’s quote: “the beauty of cleansing oil is that it is the most effective way to remove all impurities, and it creates the best skin condition." 
Yes, the hands matter. Why, you ask? Well, to begin with, don’t you think it’s a bit jarring when...
Yes, the hands matter.
The Natural Side of Asian Beauty
When it comes to natural and organic products, only the best of the best make it through our curation process (read more about it here) and onto our site (and faces!).