Seoul Beauty Hunt: A Stroll Through Samcheong-dong
Peach and Lily has been in Korea for a few days now, searching for the next line of great products to share with our wonderful followers in the US. To sum up our trip so far: running to meetings with different brands, curating our favorite picks, and loving what we’re finding. Stay tuned for the newest and latest in Korean beauty!
The perfect skincare line for combination skin: sea daffodil to the rescue!
We’ve been receiving a lot of emails about how to take care of combination skin. We completely understand the frustration of having dry patches along with very oily skin.
Korean Skincare Tips for Oily and Combination Skin
We’ve all been there. You’re nose to nose with your bathroom mirror, staring at the sheen on your forehead and enlarged pores on your nose. Trust us, we’re right here with you.
Hydrated skin: getting the foundation for healthy skin right
This week we’re focusing big-time on keeping skin well-hydrated. Stay tuned for a series of entries this week on one of the most foundational elements of achieving healthy radiance.
Asanas for the skin and the best after-yoga treat
Lately, we’ve been having a lot of discussions in the Peach and Lily office about how skincare truly is a lifestyle commitment. Basically, radiant skin is all about improving skin from within.
Pamper your nails and soul with uka
Why is this amazing bottle of goodness making appearances in the likes of Elle magazine and every other major fashion and beauty magazine? Why is uka racking up all sorts of beauty industry awards? Why are A-list celebrities constantly restocking their uka Nail Oil? And why would hip designers like Colette collaborate with uka?
You don't have to get sun spots this summer - here's how
Summer rolls around and everyone is busy stocking up on sunscreens, but there isn’t as big of a dash to stock up on skin brighteners. Here at Peach and Lily, we’re busy finding ourselves the best skin brighteners for the summer sun because we know that this will be a huge solution in fighting off melasma to keep that face from accumulating sunspots this summer.
A few of our favorite things: what others love and what we love
What others love: