Pamper your nails and soul with uka
Why is this amazing bottle of goodness making appearances in the likes of Elle magazine and every other major fashion and beauty magazine? Why is uka racking up all sorts of beauty industry awards? Why are A-list celebrities constantly restocking their uka Nail Oil? And why would hip designers like Colette collaborate with uka?
You don't have to get sun spots this summer - here's how
Summer rolls around and everyone is busy stocking up on sunscreens, but there isn’t as big of a dash to stock up on skin brighteners. Here at Peach and Lily, we’re busy finding ourselves the best skin brighteners for the summer sun because we know that this will be a huge solution in fighting off melasma to keep that face from accumulating sunspots this summer.
A few of our favorite things: what others love and what we love
What others love:
Fabulous begins with the eyes
Fabulous eyes make such a statement, don’t you think?
One-minute beauty tip: instantly radiant eyes
So by now, hopefully many of you have been marching steadfastly towards radiance by indulging in the skincare tips we’ve been sharing! Our mission is to help women achieve that inner glow one day at a time. It IS attainable and just requires a little bit of care to nail your perfect skincare regimen.
Beauty ingredient of the day: the much overlooked panthenol
With all the buzz lately about essential oils, floral extracts and other luxe skincare ingredients, the more common and understated ingredients don’t get enough attention.
Prevent summer speed-aging: top 3 summer skincare tips
Over here at Peach and Lily, us New Yorkers are happy that summer seems to finally be here! We’re already noticing though that our springtime skincare regimen isn’t cutting it for us with the onset of humidity and heat.
Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen, and Peptides Oh My!
Hyaluronic acid, collagen, peptide….these are all terms and ingredients that are prevalent in today’s beauty industry jargon.