Snail Week: Wednesday - Snail Repair Perfect Cream
We thought hump day would be pretty appropriate for launching this highly anticipated snail product. 
It might sound weird, but we were all born with high levels of...
It might sound weird, but we were all born with high levels of hyaluronic acid - that’s why babies’ skin is so soft and supple!
Let’s be honest - there are so many clay masks on shelves nowadays that we get the pick of the litter. So, how did we do with Shangpree’s Pore Tightening Mask?
Introducing Our Little Sister
Straight From The Source: Migu Kim
Ever wonder what it takes to stay on top of K-beauty from halfway around the world?
Lip tutorial: Clio's Lipnicure can do glam, shine, gradient, matte, and more
We love products that can multi-task and do different looks for what the occasion calls for. 
Tips for Winter Skincare
Since about 3 days ago, all we seem to do over here at Peach and Lily is slather on hand lotion repeatedly! It is noticeably much dryer in the winter months, isn’t it? Face feels more taut and the radiance is turning into that dreaded winter dullness. One thing to keep in mind, it’s less effective to try to keep putting moisture back into the skin, and far more effective to prevent moisture from leaving the skin. Here are a few easy tips to prevent moisture loss:
#SeoulBeautyTripping Flash Sale
We’re giving you the opportunity to get your hands on the best-of items from our #SeoulBeautyTripping excursion!