The power of stem cells - Introducing Rose by Dr. Dream
We're excited to share with you our latest brand curation - the Rose by dr. dream® line. dr. dream is one of Korea's most sought-after plastic surgery clinics with the largest A-list clientele in Korea. Dream Medical Group was founded in 1999 by Dr. Yang-Soo Park and was built on the expertise of accredited surgeons from Seoul National University (the Harvard of Korea), which boasts the finest plastic surgery program in Korea. 
May Coop's Raw Sauce Goes Above & Beyond
“Raw sauce” sounds like a booster juice shot you can get for a couple bucks or a yummy salad dressing from the newest “it” organic-green cafe in Soho. 
Portion Control - The Korean Beauty Products Edition
We exercise portion control in many aspects of our lives, like how much ice cream and wine (a glass a day keeps the doctor away?), so why not in our skincare routines?
Rosemary Shampoo - the Holy Grail of Hair Products
Rare is the person who is satisfied with her hair and by extension, her hair products. How many of us have picked our hair products based on how good they smell, flipping and clicking cap after cap in the local drug store for a sweet-scented shower with no particular benefits to hair or scalp to speak of?
Mizon M Line - Your Key To Hydration
When our skin freaks out, we often reach for “correcting” products e.g. brightening, acne combating, etc., and they sometimes work to reign in the madness. More often than not, they temporarily improve the situation before another flare up rears its ugly head.
aromatica Calendula & Sea Daffodil Sheet Masks
There are few things that make us happier than new sheet masks (new modeling masks, maybe?). A while back, one of our favorite brands, aromatica, snuck two new sheet masks into our never ending mask box, and you can imagine our surprise when we saw them - the cute packaging was a dead give away.
Korean Skincare Kit for Surviving Fashion Week
Early mornings, late nights, layers of makeup, and high stress -- Fashion Week has arrived.  Wait a minute, this sounds like my life in general, except insert "lots of product testing" instead of "layers of makeup."  I feel for these ladies -- with a whirlwind schedule and not enough time to rest and recharge, it's tough to keep skin healthy. 
Tips for Transitioning your Skincare from Summer to Fall
If your post-Labor Day weekend is spent unearthing your favorite leather jacket in preparation for Fall, then you’ll want to consider swapping out some beauty products, too, rather than just trading out cotton tanks for cashmere sweaters.