Bye-Bye Microbeads: Exfoliating, The Environmentally-Friendly Way
Probably, at some point in your life, you’ve scrubbed your face with a drugstore (or high-end!) scrub containing microbeads. Most of us have. Whether it was a soap, body wash, or some desperate attempt to coax out blackheads. Many of us don’t even know what they are—just that they dig into the skin a bit and work to get some grit out from within our pores.
How to Shop Peach & Lily at Any Budget
Come December, when our wallets become uncomfortably thin, we try to be reassured by the fact that at least much of it is in the spirit of giving (yes, even if that means giving your dry skin a juicy, thick new moisturizer). Still, it can be pretty stressful. From office secret santas, to our closest family all adds up. In order to take the stress out of gifting, (or, really, shopping at any time of the year)!
In-Flight Beauty, The Korean Way
The Peach & Lily team is constantly in the go, whether it be to Korea, away for the holidays, cold weather regions or the sunny beaches...Being the beauty-minded group that we are, naturally, we’ve been starting to assemble our travel necessities. 
The Peach & Lily 2015 Gift Guide: How To Give The Gift of K-Beauty To Everyone On Your List
Cremorlab, T.E.N. Cremor 02 Bubble Energizing Mask, $52
Introducing Midaskin: The World’s First Cosmetic Topical Botox
The Story
Why We Partnered With Restore NYC
I’ve had the privilege of watching my grandfather, a serial entrepreneur, build many businesses over the course of his career—all the while, giving back to his community every step of the way. Growing up in Korea, during the Asian Financial Crisis, I saw that businesses could play an intimate role in the community, and make a big impact, one that could be good or bad.
#MaskforaCause With Peach and Lily This December
The Goods:
Introducing our FIRST Peach and Lily Brick-and-Mortar Store
It took me a long time to write this letter because there are so many thoughts and emotions. I’ve been dreaming of a brick-and-mortar Peach & Lily store for years, and for the better part of this year, the Peach & Lily team has poured so much heart and dedication to making this dream a reality.