Snow-Day Skincare (& Other Winter Essentials)
We hoped this winter might just never come. But instead, it was just late and made a dramatic entrance—a record-breaking 26-ish inches of snow here in NYC. For us, the cold brings up two issues: how to care for and nurture our skin as the cold dehydrates it, and how to best pamper when you’re stuck indoors!
10 Products That Save Space *And* Look Chic
In celebration of Herbolle’s launch on Peach & Lily today, we’re rounding up our favorite products in line with our latest curations’ minimal, chic aesthetic. Furthermore, especially here in NYC, we know many of you are cramped for space, so let this top ten serve as a guide to making the most of our too-tiny medicine cabinets and our precious post-work time!
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If you haven’t already heard, we’re making our own sheet masks!
PSA: #PLMaskLab is Officially Open!
We’re announcing a really exciting collaboration.  Who are we collaborating with? 
Talking To The Lotus's Founder, Eugene Oh, About The Magical White Lotus Flower
Today we launched The Lotus, our newest curation, which is formulated around hero ingredient—you guessed it—the white lotus flower. You can read more about the fabulous products here, and we’ll be discussing more dets on our blog soon! We wanted to get the scoop on the origins of this beautiful, natural line which is purely harvested from the Lotus Pond at the Beophwa Temple where founder Eugene Oh, actually grew up. One thing we love about the line is its rich background. Oh worked on this line with her mother, artist Kang Myung Soon whose beautiful work illustrates the company’s packaging.
Introducing #PLSkinterviews—First Up, Our Very Own Alicia Yoon
Welcome to #PLSkinterviews. I’m kicking off our new series, in which we’ll talk to people who inspire us about the role skin care plays in their lives. These Skinterviews might mention products, but more than that, I want the Skinterviews to highlight people’s journeys towards healthier skin.
All About Passion For 2016
Last fall, I was sleeping two, maybe three hours a night for almost a month. I was in over my head to meet a hard deadline of having to open our brick-and-mortar store before Black Friday on top of juggling everything else to run Peach & Lily. I had somehow gone from elated and excited to see a dream come true to stressed, even panicked, and eventually, listless as I went through the motions of each day to cross things off my to-do list without really being present.
Our Newest Launch: Ariul's 7 Days Masks—The Bright(ening) Stars
Introducing our latest curation Ariul...Ariul’s all about cleansing the skin and feeding it nutrients just like we would the internal parts of our body. An emphasis on the benefits of natural ingredients paired with a goal to provide the skin relief from the stresses of modern life is what Ariul is all about. Enter: their massively popular 7-day sheet masks. One of these masks sells every 8 seconds in Korea. These sheet masks nurture the skin with ingredients like bamboo water, aloe, tea tree, avocado, and pomegranate.