The Peach & Lily Guide To Brightening Products and Glowing Skin!
Here at Peach & Lily we’ve made it a priority to do more than sell products we think are the cream of the crop—but to help you figure out which ones might just be your skincare soul mates. While various skin concerns are addressed on our site—we know it can be helpful to take a closer look at some of these products—especially as they compare to one another. First up (and in celebration of the brighter months to come), let’s talk about brightening.
#PLSkinterview: Tina Hedges—The Beauty Shaman, on Her Company: LOLI Beauty, and Being Your Own Cosmetic Chemist
Welcome back to #PLSkinterviews! In this series we’ll talk to women who inspire us about skin care—and so much else. This series is about more than just our favorite products, but rather about some of our favorite people. We hope you find their stories as inspiring as we have!
Seven New Leaders Masks—Which Should You Choose?
We’ve been known to keep copious amounts of sheet masks around. You never know. Today, we’re excited to introduce 7 new ones from time-tested & trusted brand, Leaders. Joining our previously small selection of masks from their Mediu line comes three new coconut gel masks and four premium grade cotton masks.
What You Need To Know Before Buying AB Base Makeup
It’s a sad, but true fact, that Asian color cosmetics are quite limited in shade variety. While we eagerly await expansions that will better represent the diversity of our wonderful customer base, we want to help you decipher if one of our existing base makeup products might be a match for your skin.
Happy Lunar New Year—and a Gift to Celebrate!
The New Year is also marked by the shift in the zodiac—each year is represented by one of the twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac story, which was adopted by the Koreans as well. 2016 is the year of the monkey! 
#PLSkinterview—Joanna Vargas: The Celebrity Facialist on Tinkerbell Baths, Feminism, and What Really Matters in Beauty
A few weeks ago, we kicked off a new blog series, #PLSkinterviews, with our very own CEO & Founder Alicia Yoon.
$20K: Something to Celebrate!
We wanted to share some exciting news with you. Back at the start of December (which feels like forever ago!) we embarked on a campaign, with all of you, to raise money for Restore NYC, an organization, which, in their own words, is on a mission to: “end sex trafficking in New York and restore the well-being and independence of foreign national survivors.”  You can read more about why we chose to partner with this wonderful organization here.
Four Precious Skin Care Ingredients You Must Know
Today, we’re excited to introduce you to seven new products from Lady & Skin—a brand packed with glitz and glam both inside its containers and out. The opulent packaging, in this brand’s case, reflects truly high-end formulations, containing some of the most fab ingredients we’ve ever heard of. Let’s take a closer look at four of our favorites.