A Serum Chock Full of Roses From Korea’s BEST Plastic Surgery Clinic
Facial plastic surgery is an interesting phenomenon in Korea. Services run the gamut from less invasive "lunchtime procedures" to full-blown facial reconstruction involving pulled teeth and required overnight stays—sometimes longer.
The Lotus Mists: Refreshing Pick-Me-Ups From Jeju Island
The Lotus Mists:
Cremorlab's Shadow-Off Eye Cream: The Only Eye Cream You'll Ever Need
Where to begin when talking about this eye cream—and today’s #bareitall sale pick? It’s hard to heap enough praise on a product that has given so many people results they did not achieve with any other product. These “holy grail” skincare items are far and few between—the ones that just work.
aromatica's Neroli Brightening Facial Oil Combats Acne Scarring the Natural Way
We can always count on Aromatica to make only the highest quality products, all of which are 100% toxin-free.
Favorite Korean Beauty Picks: Two Top Essences
The #BareItAll Campaign
Find The Best Korean Essence For Your Skin
#PLSkinterview: Jen Atkin—on Her Illustrious Career and Why Popping Pills for Healthy Hair Is a Must
Welcome back to #PLSkinterviews! In this series we’ll talk to women who inspire us about skin care—and so much else. This series is about more than just our favorite products, but rather about some of our favorite people. We hope you find their stories as inspiring as we do!