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Staff Secrets: The Toners We Can't Live Without
When you work at a beauty company, especially one focused in skincare, you pick up a lot of visage wisdom. Oh, and the products- the Peach & Lily staff has hundreds of products cross their desk (and complexions) every year.  In our new series, “Staff Secrets,” the team reveals their obsessions and the products you should really, truly know about (and try, like, right now).  First up, toners.
Three Products You Need to Try That Will Wake Up a Tired Complexion
Mondays are always tough, but the one after Daylight Saving Time is especially brutal. Turning the clock forward might have you (and your complexion) feeling sluggish. "Sleep deprivation shortens the time that your skin cells renew and replenish at night," says L.A. dermatologist Annie Chiu. And while you snooze, "transepidermal water loss is increased, and losing even an hour of this cellular renewal time can make the skin appear more dull." This is why "tired skin" is really often a result of dehydration. We found three products to help you look a bit more rested, even if you're missing out on a few winks. 
Celebrate Restore
SATURDAY SKIN: A powerful ingredient breakthrough that hits the pause button on skin aging
5 New Sheet Mask + Product Pairings to boost results
Sheet masks are known and loved for yielding incredible results in just twenty minutes. There’s nothing like the dewy, radiant finish your skin has after removing a sheet mask. It restores the bounce and freshness that was drained from your skin due to stress, lack of sleep, and the weather. The question is, how do we extend these benefits for longer than a few hours or at most, a few days?
The primer that makes your makeup look professionally applied
Everyone wants long lasting, flawless makeup– yet few enjoy the squeaky, silicone feel that most makeup primers leave behind on our skin. While this texture helps product to adhere to skin, it forms a suffocating barrier that may lead to clogged pores. The best way to ensure your makeup lasts all day–minus the breakouts–is to properly hydrate your skin. When your skin is soft and plump, makeup glides on for a flawless application and doesn't move all day.