More than Skin Deep: How We Help Stop Human Trafficking Together
Human trafficking is an evil that is held in place by a complex infrastructure and uses fear, abuse and isolation to...
Peach & Lily Collection vs Peach Slices
The Peach & Lily Collection is all about achieving glass skin goals, which means your skin at its healthiest. Healthy skin radiates from within. This line of Peach & Lily skincare products is clean, effective, vegan, cruelty free, and perfect for starting your glass skin transformation. We launched the Peach & Lily Collection in 2012 with advice from you about what you love about Korean Beauty so we could deliver effective products we knew the community would love. Throughout all these years, you have always remained the most important person to us as we went from developing these, results-first, clean, delightful, clinically proven, and safe products. Among the products in this Peach & Lily skincare line, six won a 2021 Best of K-Beauty Award – including the Glass Refining Serum, Super Reboot Resurfacing Mask, Glass Skin Veil Mist, Good Acids Pore Toner, Lazy Day All-In-One Moisture Pads, and Pure Peach Retinoic Eye Cream. The collaborative creative process and numerous awards should assure that you’re getting a proven, quality Korean beauty skincare product with our Peach & Lily Collection.
Peach & Lily - Skincare Stocking Stuffers and Gifts
Achieving smooth, healthier, and glowing skin can be challenging, especially if you’re unsure of the ingredients you need for your skin type and concerns. However, you can’t go wrong with Peach & Lily’s skincare stocking stuffers and Peach Slices masks.
Who is the Power Cocktail Lactic Acid Repair Serum for?
The treatment step in a skincare routine is one of the most personalized steps. This is the step where concentrated treatments can zero in on specific skin concerns and visibly transform skin. At the same time, selecting the right treatment for your skin can be tricky.We breakdown who would benefit from the Power Cocktail Lactic Acid Repair Serum and how to incorporate it into your routine.
Peach & Lily - What Do Toners Do for Skin
When it comes to skincare products, toners are some of the most overlooked on the market. They have quite an unassuming appearance, typically coming in slim bottles with clear or lightly tinted liquid, and don’t have any fancy foaming action or come with promises of immediate remedies as other popular products do, but this isn’t to say that they aren’t highly effective at what they do. So, what do toners do for skin? – Toners remove every last trace of dirt, grime, gunk, and other impurities that remain stuck in your pores after you wash your face. Although it accomplishes a very simple task, it’s a very important one and there are a wide variety of different benefits of facial toners people of all skin types can enjoy.
The Biggest K-Beauty Sample Sale is back (and online)!
The 2021 Annual Sample Sale has ended! See you next year, Peaches. Hi Peaches! You might have heard about our...
Peach & Lily - What Causes Adult Acne & How to Treat It
While acne is largely a skin issue associated with your teen years, it’s a problem that can linger well into adulthood. If you’re still struggling with acne in your 20s, 30s, 40s, and beyond, don’t feel bad – despite the link to puberty and adolescence, it’s very common for acne to persist well into adulthood for many people and it can be easily treated. But what causes adult acne? And how might it be different from what you experienced in your teen years?The answer to what causes adult acne is very similar to what causes acne in adolescence. Generally, the same factors which cause acne in adolescence – clogged or blocked pores, overactive oil glands, inflammation and bacteria – are at play when it comes to acne in adulthood. Additionally, things like stress, hormones, and the menstrual cycle in women can all influence oil production, thus potentially causing an acne breakout, and certain skincare or makeup products which clog pores could be to blame as well. If you’re dealing with acne as an adult your diet could also be a factor. Medication like anabolic steroids, lithium, and corticosteroids can also be the answer to what causes adult acne.
Peach & Lily - Do Pimple Patches Really Work?
Whether you’ve been closely following skincare trends over the past few years or not, you’ve likely heard of the pimple patch. These small, fingertip-sized patches go directly over pimples or blemishes on the skin’s surface, and while they may seem like merely a band-aid that goes over the pimple to cover it up until it heals on its own, the pimple patch actually helps the breakouts heal faster! They work by absorbing the excess fluid with a vacuum-like effect, getting out all the dirt, oil, and other grime that could be causing the breakout. Essentially, the pimple patch makes pimples dry up faster than they would normally.