Introducing Olivarrier – our newest skin-saving brand!
Hello!I hope you're having a great week!I want to share a story about what I went through this year and what I realized.You might know that I have eczema. There's no cure for it, but I've learned to manage the flare-ups really well. This year, though, my eczema became worse than it has ever been since I was a little kid. I tried everything. I got most of the rashes under control, but this intense rash on my back wouldn't go away for over a year. Then, I realized something.My body didn't change, the environment changed. More pollutants, more toxins, more stress in increasingly fast-paced lives - that all breaks down the skin barrier.I pored through emails from you guys. I wasn't alone. So many of you wrote that suddenly your skin seems to have changed to become more acne-prone, oilier, duller, showing faster signs of photo-aging, etc. The lightbulb went off. We need a way to combat what this new environment is doing to our skin. I went on the hunt for ingredients that would calm skin down and repair the skin barrier – but without anything that might irritate skin more. Finally, I found a brand that worked. As you might know, we focus group test everything for at least three weeks. This brand, though, we tested for a whopping nine months. After all, this is what is supposed to help skin regain peace when nothing else is working. I can testify to the power of this pure, toxin-free, beautiful line. Not only did it help me manage my eczema, but my skin became more radiant than I ever thought possible. This line truly saved my skin this year. I don't write personal emails about brand launches, but this was a story I felt the need to share with you all of you because I know it can help you, too.I am so excited for you to have this in your arsenal. May this help restore your skin the way it did mine.Cheers to Radiance!
Peach & Lily is now at Bergdorf Goodman!
I’m so excited writing this blog post that I literally had to take a few deep breaths to focus so that I’m not just typing “omg omgomg.” I think back to 2012 when I was bumbling around New York City in search for stores that were retailing Korean beauty products. My search didn’t take me very far at that time – such a tiny presence of Korean beauty! There was a store that stood out to me, though, and that was Bergdorf Goodman. They were carrying Sulwhasoo, one of Korea’s most beloved brands, and even had some of their latest product launches! The products were displayed so beautifully in their own counter. The beauty advisors were so knowledgeable about the products, and the counter had a lot of draw. I was so happy to see a retailer spotlight this Korean brand in such a beautiful way and give Korean beauty a real moment to shine. Fast-forward five years later, when we received a note from Bergdorf Goodman about potentially exploring Korean beauty together, it was such a meaningful moment for me and for our team. Bergdorf Goodman had been a true pioneer in the Korean beauty space even before it was trendy – like a grand and elegant lighthouse pointing the way this whole time. Humbled and excited, we began to quickly began to ruminate over what would be the best way to bring Korean beauty into this beautiful department store that had been a staunch supporter of Korean beauty for so long. To boot, incidentally, our store is located right next door to Sulwhasoo – it feels so meaningfully full-circle to our beginning days in 2012!
Peach & Lily Wins 3 Teen Vogue Acne Awards!
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Why You Really Need A Toner in Your Skincare Routine
Toners get a pretty bad rep, they've been known to sting, irritate and dry out skin. Chances are that you've just been using the wrong formula. Unlike typical American toners, Korean toners help balance and hydrate. Here, we break down why you really need to consider adding a toner to your regimen.
The One Line You Need to Try if You Have Super Sensitive Skin
Do you have eczema? Rosacea? Psoriasis? Super sensitive skin?We feel you. Everyone else gets to have fun with skincare and meanwhile, it’s a good day if you can use a product that isn’t going to make your skin situation worse. And your struggle against redness is real. This brand was created by a doctor who saw his baby suffer from dermatitis. He devoted his research to finding a way to strengthen the skin barrier.
Eleven Mommy Must Haves You Need to Try
Mothers are our heroes! From pregnancy to giving birth to then raising a child - it's nothing short of heroic. There’s a tremendous amount of sacrifice and motherhood can be challenging - physically, emotionally and financially. And yet, mothers take so much joy in seeing their little one grow and can be counted on for unconditional love. We know that sometimes, it can be hard for moms to make time to care for themselves. We searched far and wide to find the fastest and most effective formulas to make skincare easy and effective for you. Here are our must-have items for pregnancy and beyond: