Korea’s Biggest Spa and What That Means For Your Skin: Eco Your Skin
When we first walked by Eco Your Skin’s spa, Skin Lab L, in Korea, we did a double-take. We wondered, What is this magical place that looks like the most fun and high-tech skincare destination?
The First Brand Peach & Lily Ever Curated: Be The Skin
I want to tell you a little story today. It’s one of Peach & Lily’s very first stories — and it speaks to the incredible commitment to quality of one of the very first brands we curated.
Authenticity Matters: The Pure Lotus
Why does authenticity matter?
Experience Korean Spas At Home: As Seen on CNN
Korean spas attract both locals and visitors from all over the world because of their innovative treatments, from popular facial pilates done by estheticians to essences layered onto faces using a nanospray device to luxurious modeling masks applied after extensive facial massages.
11 Things Alicia Recommends this Black Friday
In the spirit of all things Peach Slices, we offer huge value - high, high quality for incredible pricing using creative solutions on packaging while still keeping it vanity-worthy. All this for $7.99 and then take another 30% off. I love this for every skin type.
How Estheticians Correct dark spots fast
How to get rid of acne
Exfoliation: Keeping skin well exfoliated is important to keep pores free and clear to help prevent breakouts. Remember, the root cause of acne isn't necessarily because your skin isn't well exfoliated -- the root cause is likely more related to persistent inflammation, a compromised skin barrier, or some other factor -- but exfoliating does help. It's sort of like taking vitamin C when you're sick is going to help, but not taking vitamin C is likely not the root cause of why you got sick in the first place. But it does help!
The Peach & Lily #PeachPartyTour