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Clear Complexion Challenge! #PLSkinGoals

Acne is a tricky skin concern to address. There are different kinds of acne, lots of treatment types, and it often requires a holistic approach to address acne and not just a topical solution.

 June is National Acne Awareness Month, and since this is a skin condition that affects so many of us – in fact, the American Academy of Dermatology says it’s the most common skin condition in the US impacting over 50 million of us (and not just oily-skin folks, either)! – we wanted to spend an entire month talking about acne.

 Our hope is to provide some insight into exactly what acne is, how to best get ahead of the acne cycle (the breakout, scarring, breakout, scarring cycle that we’re all too familiar with), discuss things like some of the latest acne-busting breakthroughs, and ultimately, find ways that we can all have clearer skin and clearer minds (skin acceptance!). 

We're inviting you to take the Clear Complexion Challenge this month! We have a LOT planned for you - tons of blog posts, exciting giveaways, informative videos, an especially-priced acne-fighting kit that’s on major sale for the month, special perks on products that we only share over our email newsletter (so sign up!), new product launches and collaborations with fun brands.  Stay tuned and follow along on our social channels and blog! Share your acne story, tag us @peachandlily and hashtag #PLSkinGoals and tell us how you're getting spotless! 

Leave us a note below on any acne topic that you would like to see covered. If we don’t get to it this month, we’ll be sure to find a way to answer your question or have a discussion about what you’re into.
Cheers to radiance! 

xx Alicia 

Tags: acne
Posted on June 01, 2017
by Alicia Yoon