How to Shop Peach & Lily at Any Budget

...Or, How to Take Care of Everyone You Love (and Even Yourself)...without Going Broke

Come December, when our wallets become uncomfortably thin, we try to be reassured by the fact that at least much of it is in the spirit of giving (yes, even if that means giving your dry skin a juicy, thick new moisturizer). Still, it can be pretty stressful. From office secret santas, to our closest family all adds up. In order to take the stress out of gifting, (or, really, shopping at any time of the year)!

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From lip-shaped-lip-scrubs (gotta be ready for those mistletoe kisses), and carbonated cleansers to travel-friendly mini moisturizers, $10 can go a long way.


A set of three natural hand creams (so they’re covered for their desk, handbag, and nightstand), a luxe mask to care for the lips through winter, and Caolion’s cult-fave masks all clock in at under $25.



Pampering is completely accessible for under $50. Think: aromatherapy nail oil for the 1 pm work day slump, massage cream for a loved one, and peppermint massage oil, perhaps for the athlete with sore muscles in your life. We had to include Be The Skin’s “orange line” toner too, a staff favorite, packed with royal jelly which balances the skin’s pH and hydrates. Finally, Cremorlab’s smooth pudding is a great option for an affordable anti-aging, hydrating moisturizer.


Holiday Gift Box: Korean Skincare Basics, $80
From one of our pre-curated holiday gift sets (which come in the.prettiest.boxes, if we do say so ourselves), to Skin Inc.'s targeted custom-blended serums (they'll make you feel like a cosmetic chemist!), gift recipients in the triple-digit category will be treated to luxury, regardless of which pick you select. 

Midaskin Bolc A+ Botulinum Polypeptide-1 Facial Serum, $200

To say we’re excited about our newest launch, Midaskin, the first ever cosmetics formulated with botulinum polypeptide-1 (a proprietary ingredient 95% identical to the one used in injectable botox), would be practically an understatement. It’s the only product in our $200 and under category, because we think it’s a super-special, and worthy splurge.

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Posted on December 15, 2015
by Peach & Lily