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The Peach & Lily 2015 Gift Guide: How To Give The Gift of K-Beauty To Everyone On Your List

Cremorlab, T.E.N. Cremor 02 Bubble Energizing Mask, $52

This mask is pure fun thanks to the way it froths and bubbles, but it’s working hard too, as oxygenworks to deep clean the pores and acai berry extract provides antioxidant protection.

Shangpree, Gold Black Pearl Hydrogel Eye Masks, $60

 These glamorous under-eye hydrogels look just like they sound—like gold and pearl melted into a black mini-mask to give tired eyes a deluxe treatment.



Mizon, All-in-One Snail Repair Cream Tube, $10

While snail mucin is new to most, here at Peach & Lily, it’s practically a job requirement. This lightweight moisturizer (it feels more like a serum, actually) is anti-bacterial/ microbial/ inflammatory. It’s great for fighting acne, and the scars it leaves behind. Plus, if snail mucin isn’t a cool intro to skincare, we don’t know what is. If she likes it, you can always upgrade her to the full-size later!

Cremorlab Fresh Water Gel, $48

A gel moisturizer is the perfect gateway to moisturizing, especially for a younger sister fighting oily skin, who might not need loads of added hydration. This one from Cremorlab hydrates with the brand’s mineral-rich, proprietary T.E.N. water, and soothes with Bulgarian rose oil.



May Coop, Morning Dew Mist 50 ml, $18

May Coop’s famed 98% maple water hydrates, tones, and cools—a perfect pick-me-up for dry cabin air, or just the 4 pm workday slump.

Aromatica, Neroli Brightening Facial Oil, $42

Anyone who finds themselves on airplanes frequently will be eternally grateful for this brightening, hydrating oil which is a quick-cheat to radiant skin, even in sleep-deprived, recycled air situations.



Rose by Dr. Dream, Dream Age Sleeping Pack, $95

This delicious cream from one of Korea’s top plastic surgery clinics works wonders on sleeping skin. Rose distilled water and rosa damascena callus culture extract hydrate and clarify.

Shangpree, S-Energy Resilience Cream, $145

This luxe cream is perfect for your Grandma, whose skin deserves only the best. It moisturizes with natural oils and shea butter and works to accelerate turnover (perfect for anti-aging) and protects from free radical damage.



Cremorlab, T.E.N. Cremor Gentle Foaming Cleanser, $32

This cleanser would be the happy culprit if your boyfriend is suddenly taking a couple extra minutes in the bathroom, and getting into bed with clean teeth and a clean face. It’s gentle but gets rid of impurities, nourishes the skin with vitamins and minerals, and doesn’t have a floral or overly feminine scent that might deter him.

Be The Skin, Botanical Nutrition Cream, $35

This little green container is packed with olive oil and the botanical herbs that make Be The Skin a customer-favorite—it’s a simple but powerful moisturizer that hydrates and soothes there you go—a 2-step skin routine simple enough for the most reluctant



Rose by Dr. Dream, Dream Age Radiance Powder Essence, $110

One of our favorite Korean innovations is the invention of products whose textures refuse normal categorization. These powder essences are yes, powder, but only for a second, as they liquefy when they come into contact with the skin.

Cremorlab, Hydro Plus Snow Falls Melting Cream, $42

This moisturizer is another multi-texture product. It comes out like butter, and melts on to the skin. This one’s a must for dry skin in the colder months thanks to powerful hydrating ingredients like glycerin and squalane which work to reinforce the skin’s moisture barrier.



Aromatica, Rose Absolute First Serum, $39

This cult favorite serum is a must-have item for so many reasons. Let us count the ways. This super-chic, minimalist bottle houses a generous serving of Aromatica’s toner/serum-in-one. The intoxicating scent of roses doesn’t just smell good, it hydrates, soothes, and brightens and improves uneven skin.

Morihata, Binchotan Facial Puff, $15.50

This facial sponge is made from 100% natural ingredients: Binchotan charcoal (a superhero of a natural ingredient for drawing out impurities from the skin), and konjac root. The result is a gently exfoliating sponge, which softens and brightens the skin.



Mizon Correct Jelly Shadow, $17

These shimmery shadows can be as subtle (and work appropriate) or as glistening (and ready for the holiday party circuit) as you want, depending on how much is applied. Just don’t give in to pushing too hard on the cushion-esque texture.

Holika Holika Waterdrop Lip Tint Stick, $15

This moisturizing lip tint comes in four shades, any one of which is perfect for a makeup beginner. Afterall, everyone’s lips can use extra hydration in the winter time.



Aromatica Calendula Juicy Cream, $37

Aromatica is a favorite of organic-minded consumers and the calendula juicy cream, which can be used on the body or face, is as gentle as they come—calendula is key for calming and soothing skin. It’s perfect for the mama-to-be—and can even be used on the baby (when the time comes)!

Aromatica, Natural Coconut Cleansing Oil, $45

Another Aromatica favorite (the brand has been awarded with EWG’s skindeep champion status for toxin-free products), this first-step cleanser is composed of organic virgin cold-pressed coconut oil, and is perfect for sensitive skin.



Mizon, Egg White Bubble Cleanser, $23

This second cleanser is gentle enough for sensitive skin but tough on pimples—and makes a fun intro to K-beauty’s innovative use of ingredients. Egg white extract, AHAs, and enzymes provide light exfoliation and control oil production. Plus, we firmly believe that you can never have too many cleansers. Clean skin is, always and forever, the first pillar of good skin.

Sheet Mask Bundle: Power Combo Pack, $20

Sheet masks are the gateway drug to K-beauty, and this pack of five contains one for any mood one’s skin might be in—moisturizing, calming, brightening, etc. And when she posts her (inevitable) first #sheetmaskselfie, just remind her to tag us and add #maskforacause x #peachxrestore, so a dollar goes to Restore NYC too. (That’s the holiday spirit!)

Posted on December 10, 2015
by Peach & Lily
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