Skin Inc. Serum Cocktails

Here’s a question you’ve probably been asked before (a lot): what’s your skin type?

While we can probably identify the general skin type we are - oily, combo, normal, dry, sensitive - it’s not abnormal for our skin to fluctuate throughout the months, weeks and even days.

So, it can be frustrating when that one awesome serum addresses some of your needs… but not all. Plus, there isn’t one catch-all serum out on the market to target all of your skin’s issues since everyone has different skin goals.

Now, you can forget shifting through pages upon pages of serums. Instead, you can be your own skincare chemist with Skin Inc.’s highly effective (and highly addictive) serums that allow you to custom blend your own perfect little serum.

It’s actually kind of silly that it took this long to make customizable skincare serums, but it was definitely worth the wait. With nine different serums and nine different capabilities, the combinations are endless.

You have nine nourishing serums:

Collagen Serum for Elasticity & Suppleness
Hyaluronic Acid Serum for Long-Lasting Hydration
Coenzyme Q10 Serum to Energize & Renew
Vitamin C Serum to Rebalance & Tackle Pores 
Vitamin A Serum to Even Tone & Reduce Dark Circles
French Pine Bark Serum for Anti-Oxidant Protection
Chlorella Serum to Brighten & Tackle Spots
Licorice Serum that Calms Irritated Skin
Ceramide Serum to Strengthen & Soothe

    Those colorful little bubble capsules are actually Skin Inc.’s patented seaweed capsules that only release the active ingredients when the serum is applied, maximizing the skin benefits!

    These highly concentrated serums hail from Japan where they have an intensive research and development program to create optimal skincare formulas like these serums.

    We love these Skin Inc. serums because we’ve always been cautious of mixing active ingredients for fear of negating them or causing irritation, but these water-soluble, hydrolyzed active ingredients are protected by their little capsules, which allows up to three to be mixed for a custom serum.

    They’re both paraben and scent free as to not irritate the skin, and the smooth texture easily absorbs into your skin and is easily integrated into any skincare routine. You won’t even notice the little beads “popping” when you apply the serum, only your glowing skin afterwards!

    We were beyond excited to play mixologist with these serums, so we’ve come up with a Peach & Lily Skin Inc. Cocktail menu for some skincare inspiration!


    The favorites in our office are “Bounce Top” - who doesn’t want plump, hydrated skin - and “No Spots At All,” which has our favorite vitamins and nutrient-rich extract of chlorella algae to fade away spots and acne scars.

    Which Skin Inc. serum cocktail would you try or what would be your personal serum mix? 

    Posted on October 29, 2015
    by Shannon Zhu