New Beauty Import: Tosowoong

Some of you might have seen - and guessed! - our new imports on our Instagram teaser last week...


We lost count of how many people guessed correctly - to say you guys know your skincare would be a huge understatement.In case you haven’t had a chance to guess (and didn’t read the title of this post - insert “see no evil monkey emoji” here), we are officially welcoming Tosowoong into the Peach & Lily family!

We decided to tease it with our two favorite products from the brand:

To give you an idea of how highly anticipated this was at Peach & Lily HQ, we’ll tell you an (embarrassing story). When the coveted Tosowoong package arrived, she who shall not be named tried to casually hide it in the stock room, but being the beauty hounds that we are, we could smell new products from the moment they were off the elevator.

You know our saying, “Cheers to radiance!”? Well, the Enzyme Powder Wash and Propolis Sparkle Ampoule are basically the keys to Radiance City.

The Enzyme Powder Wash is an innovative new way to deep cleanse pores even for sensitive skin - yes, these powder beads don’t irritate at all! That’s because once they’re mixed with water, they lather up into a luxurious foam cleanser.

The creamy foam is packed with papain enzyme that helps to slough off dead skin cells. Papain enzyme comes from unripe papaya fruit, and it’s often found in skin care products because it breaks down built up material between skin cells. Basically, it coaxes dead skin cells to pull away from the skin crease to reveal the newer, healthy skin cells below, which is why it leaves skin smooth and radiant. This enzyme is also found to be anti-inflammatory and anti-baterial, which makes it a perfect exfoliator for people who have acne and clogged pores.

Tosowoong fortifies their Enzyme Powder Wash with Vitamin E as well, and that’s why this cleanser leaves your skin smooth and soft. Vitamin E is a popular fat-soluble antioxidant that plays a huge part in protecting the skin. It helps to defend against free radicals that our skin is exposed to everyday. And of course, we can’t get enough it’s moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties.

With the papain enzyme and vitamin E, this powder cleanser warrants a permanent spot in our cleansing collection, no?

After a round with the Enzyme Powder Wash and a quick dash of toner, we get ready for our date with our beloved Propolis Sparkle Ampoule

Propolis - we like to call it "Bee Super Glue" - is made when bees collect resin from trees and mix it with wax flakes and pollen. They then take this beautiful mess back to the hive to use as glue to continue building and fixing their homes. “Bee Super Glue” isn’t just insect concrete - it acts as an antiseptic barrier to protect the hive from contamination and invasion from attackers like mice and unseen threats like bad bacteria and viruses.

Unsurprisingly, propolis in skin care is a knock-out hero ingredient. It’s anti-mircobial/bacterial/fungal/viral and helps the skin to heal itself from wounds like… popped pimples. We are allowed to call out pimple-pickers because we’re guilty of it, too - eep! That’s why we always keep a bottle of Propolis Sparkle Ampoule in our cabinet and an angry, red sticky-note on our mirror that says, “Do. Not. Pick.”

This ampoule is essential for achieving hydrated, vibrant skin thanks to the vitamins, honey extract and propolis that bees produce - they’re small but mighty! It’s almost watery texture feels refreshing and extremely lightweight, and its free of parabens and harsh ingredients, making it perfect for sensitive skin types. The huge bottle gives us so much product, we happily pat in three drops of this golden ampoule during both our morning and nighttime skin care routines.

We think these two products are the shining stars from our Tosowoong curation - they’re beyond buzz-worthy, pun intended.

Cue our unofficial Tosowoong theme song - "Buzzin". 


Posted on October 23, 2015
by Shannon Zhu