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May Coop's Raw Sauce Goes Above & Beyond

“Raw sauce” sounds like a booster juice shot you can get for a couple bucks or a yummy salad dressing from the newest “it” organic-green cafe in Soho. 

Our favorite all-in-one product, May Coop’s Raw Sauce, is actually a cult favorite toner, emulsion and essence that moisturizes and nourishes skin with 93% maple tree sap, friction powder & herbal and fruit extracts.

Not only is Raw sauce fantastic for overall skin health, it also preps the skin for your following skincare routine. We love it’s silky, viscous texture that immediately soaks into the skin and once dry, leaves softer skin sans tacky texture.

But! It wouldn’t be fun if we didn’t have other fun uses for Raw Sauce (plus, check out our Toner Hacks, which can be applied to Raw Sauce, too). After all, it is a do it all product.

Post-Wax Soothing



There’s no better tell-tale sign you just got your routine brow and upper lip wax than the red skin left by the hot wax and rough tugging. Bring a Mini Raw Sauce for it’s gentle and hydrating formula - the maple tree sap is perfect for calming red and/or irritation skin post wax.




Airplane Mode

Our bathroom shelf is never without a Raw Sauce, and likewise, our gym back is always packing a Mini Raw Sauce. At only 40ml/1.4oz, it’s perfect for traveling in your carry-on because we absolutely cannot neglect our skin when flying. The dry, recycled cabin air does a number on our skin, so staying hydrating (inside and out - keep drinking water!) is key to keeping skin balanced and stepping off your flight with a radiant complexion.


DIY Sheet Mask

You can get little sheet mask “capsules” that expand in liquid, presenting you with the perfect DIY sheet mask. Simply pour over your choice of serum or essence to make your favorite product into your new favorite sheet mask. We think Raw Sauce is perfect for this because its antioxidant-rich ingredients combat daily environmental stresses, leaving our skin looking and feeling better in just 10 minutes.   


Impromptu Hair Serum

Those little baby hairs can be annoying, but they don’t warrant heavy duty hair gel. Sometimes, we just don’t have hair spray or serum on hand, so why not reappropriate our face serum for our hair? A little bit goes a long way to smooth down any stray hairs for a more polished look in seconds without the crunchy or heavy feeling of hair products.



Stray Mascara Remover

Regular water on a q-tip won’t do much to remove any stray mascara flecks, at least without unnecessary tugging and rubbing. Dip your q-tip instead into some Raw Sauce to easily and gently remove any smudges. The slick and slightly thicker texture is perfect for dissolving any stray marks.

Posted on October 01, 2015
by Shannon Zhu
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