Portion Control - The Korean Beauty Products Edition

We exercise portion control in many aspects of our lives, like how much ice cream and wine (a glass a day keeps the doctor away?), so why not in our skincare routines?

We won’t try to tell you how much cleanser or moisturizer you should use, there’s plenty of cute graphs and pictures of that already. Instead, we want to show you how much product to use when you’re integrating new Asian beauty products into your regimen!

Ever wonder how much essence to use? Or what about those cool sherbet consistency makeup removers - we don’t want to end up wasting product, but we also want to use enough for optimum results.

Obviously, the only way to show this would be in gifs (we have way too much fun making them)...

Shown: Cremorlab Mineral Essence TreatmentEssence: Use a quarter sized portion of essence to nourish, balance & prep your skin for maximum absorption of the rest of your skincare products. Pour into the palm of your hand and gently massage/pat into your skin, or soak into a cotton pad to press/swipe onto your skin - even leave the cotton pad on over areas with large pores for a quick DIY sheet mask to instantly shrink pores! (Shown: Cremorlab Mineral Treatment Essence).


Ampoules: Use the dropper to dispense 3 drops into the palm of your hand and gently smooth onto the face and neck in long, upward strokes. Because ampoules have super high concentrations of active ingredients, applying a spare amount still works wonders on your skin without causing any irritation. (Shown: Mizon Snail Repair Intensive Ampoule).




Grommage Peels: Use a grape sized amount to completely exfoliate your face and lift away dead skin cells. Unlike traditional exfoliators, grommage peels rolls up dead skin cells and debris into little white clusters, so you want enough product on your skin, so you don’t have to scrub harshly - let the peel do the work for you! (Shown: Mizon Apple Smoothie Peeling Gel).



Oil Cleanser: Sherbet textured oil cleansers come in solid form, and scooping out a water bottle cap-sized amount is enough to thoroughly melt away your makeup without overwhelming your skin in too much slippery product. If you’re using an oil cleanser that is packaged in a pump, about 1-2 pumps is the equivalent. (Shown: Aromatica Orange Cleansing Sherbet).



Sleeping Pack: Apply two quarter sized amounts is enough to comfortably cover the face in an even layer to nourish the skin overnight as it naturally regenerates. You need to apply enough so that it doesn’t completely dry out overnight, so two quarter sized dollops are perfect for hydrating skin without clogging it up with excess product. (Shown: Caolion Pore Care By Sleeping Pack.)

Posted on September 28, 2015
by Shannon Zhu