Tips for Kissable Lips

let’s do some lip-talk today!

your lips have skin unlike any other part of your body. it’s much thinner, which is why you can see the blood vessels that make your lips appear reddish. also, there aren’t any oil glands in the lips.

all this means, your lips dehydrate faster than any other skin on your body. as you age, your lips become thinner, and dehydration accelerates this process. here are a few easy things you can do that your lips will thank you for!

hydrate, hydrate, hydrate: try to avoid licking your lips (we’re definitely guilty of doing this) which dries out your lips, and instead use a good hydrating chapstick, gloss or good ol’ petroluem jelly. matte lipstick dehydrates your lips, so perhaps opt for some shine instead. if you must go matte during the day, pamper your lips at night with a healthy dose of petroleum jelly.

exfoliate: buff off the dead skin to promote skin turnover. usually, once a week is more than enough. a favorite home remedy is mixing honey and sugar, rubbing onto lips, leaving on for 10 minutes (honey will lock in the moisture) and then using an old, clean toothbrush to rub off using circular motions.

consider spf your bff: this is probably the most important part. the sun pretty much beats up your lips and will cause premature aging of the lips (ie lips becoming thinner, faster!), and obviously, could also cause more serious things like skin cancer. we recommend using an spf 15 chapstick as your first layer, then proceeding with the rest of your lip color routine.

on that note, TGIT, friends! yes, we love thursdays over here at peach & lily. :)

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Posted on July 05, 2015
by Alicia Yoon