The Best Mascara Wand For You

Jessica Alba, of course, looks great all the time. How she does it with 2 little girls is beyond me. We love it whenever she makes an appearance with those fab lashes. I love how her lashes look glam but not overdone.

We experimented with a lot of different wands, and the brushes make a HUGE difference.

Here’s our (very high-level) rundown:

  • Stiff, plastic brushes - separated, slightly sparse but longer lashes
  • Full, soft bristles - Soft, thick, natural lashes, but not a ton thicker
  • Combination of plastic and soft bristles - Very full and long
  • Our favorite! - A mascara from Japan that has a brush that actually waves! Lashes look very natural but super long and full

One thing Japan and Korea has really developed well (along with amazing skincare products) are really awesome cosmetic applicators. And mascara applicators are on the top of our favorites-list. We’ll be launching shortly and you’ll be able to find a ton of very cool mascaras soon. We’ll be sure to post lots of pictures of the wands!

On that note, I’m off to fetch my daily fix of Tarallucci’s cappuccino (current obsession and so bad for my skin, but alas, caffeine wins) and determined to squeeze in at least a 15 minute aimless walk on this beautiful fall day!


Tags: mascara wand
Posted on July 01, 2015
by Shannon Zhu