Alicia's Beauty Haul from Seoul

I love Seoul for so many reasons, but to name a few, it’s hard not to be delighted with the streets splattered with cute cafes, amazing boutiques, and of course, the insane number of beauty stores everywhere.  I also love Seoul for the fun people-watching I get to do…specifically, observing the ladies who strut the streets of Garosugil, which is one of my favorite streets in all of Seoul. It’s a street that has historically bred a lot of aspiring fashion designers and is now littered with cute boutiques, restaurants, cafes, lounges and beauty stores!

While people-watching in Garosugil, I noticed a trend that I love. SHIMMER!!! These ladies have such radiant faces and not only is it because they probably do take care of their skin and have well hydrated faces, but they also seem to get an extra bit of help from using shimmery highlights as part of their makeup regimen. The shimmer is well placed, not overdone and gives an ever so subtle but definite bit of radiance.

So what did I do? I decided that I should join the shimmer-train! Missha happened to be nearby and I’ve always loved their BB Creams so decided to try one of their shimmer highlighters.

Here’s my beauty haul! The Missha Shimmer Blending Ball Blusher. Great packaging. The lid has shimmery pretty dots everywhere, but beyond that, there’s a separate compartment for the soft applicator, a mirror, and then most importantly, a totally separate compartment for the shimmer balls with a lid that does a great job of sealing in the powder that becomes loose. I find it annoying when the powder comes loose and leaks out onto your belongings. I’ve taken this around with me and after a day of tossing and turning in my makeup bag, there was zero spillage of loose powder. Hooray.

Best of all, I really like that the shimmer is subtle and a natural color. It’s not too pearly but adds a touch of shimmer that looks more radiant than cakey in that pearly way. The key is to use just a touch. I use it to highlight my forehead, nose and chin, and sometimes (if I’m out at night), I’ll use a smaller applicator and highlight my brow bone and right under my eye as well.

I don’t usually wear a ton of makeup and like the subtle look. So far I’ve been getting plenty of compliments on how “refreshed” or “pepped up” I look. Another hooray.


Here’s a picture of Shin Mina, another Peach and Lily favorite, with well done shimmer highlights. Pretty happy to have picked up this tip from the ladies I’ve seen strutting around and to have found a shimmer blusher that works for me.

On that note, it’s definitely 5:20am over here (jetlag + taking a call from NY + a long early evening nap = this obscene hour), so calling it a night!


Posted on July 01, 2015
by Shannon Zhu