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A wintry kind of orange

A couple weeks ago, I was walking down the street and saw this girl pulling off an incredible look. She had an all black, sleek outfit on with an equally sleek ponytail. Her makeup looked clean with black eyeliner, no apparent eyeshadow. The ONE thing that she had on that stood out was this amazing light orange lipstick. Less really is more sometimes. With a minimalist look, that one pop of color was stunning on her.

Of course, inspired by this, I went browsing for some orange lipstick. I didn’t find any I liked until I was gifted one (well, someone was gifting me lipstick and I asked for a shade of orange to see if it’d be the shade I was hoping for). I couldn’t be happier with this color. It’s a subtle peachy orange, but definitively orange. It isn’t a summery, citrus-y shade but a sophisticated wintry orange with a slightly deeper hue even though it’s a fairly light color.

I’ve been a bit shy about posting pictures of myself on this blog, but it’s hard to talk about color without some pictures. Bear with me though, it’s my first time trying to get the right angle, shade, etc. to make it as close to reality as possible…think for this post, I failed miserably because the colors look a bit different in person than in the photos, but promise to brush up on my photog skills this weekend, especially around getting the color right and do a better job next time! I think this shade could work for anyone who isn’t super pale or anyone who doesn’t have pink undertones. Neutral, beige, olive undertones should all work beautifully.

orange shade dearjaneorangelipstick dearjaneorangelipstickcase dearjaneorangelipstickpackaging orangelipstickon

Picture 1: a tad brighter but she has on a shade closer to what I’m currently obsessed with

Picture 2: the shade in the reflection is actually a better representation though it still looks peachy and not as orange-y as it  actually is (sorry, folks, will try to take better pics and maybe repost this tube!)

Picture 3 and 4: just adore the packaging

Picture 5: happy with my new orange (doesn’t look as orange here, but the brightness level is fairly accurate. it’s a subdued orange)

“DearJane” is one of my favorite Korean brands for color so far. Well, mainly for the interesting colors they have (like this lipstick) and then this cool pearly primer that feels good and gives a bit of radiance boost. Will try to post before/after pictures of the primer soon!

It is definitely bedtime for me so will bid you adieu!

- Alicia

Posted on July 02, 2015
by Shannon Zhu
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