Collagen is king

Yes. It’s true. When it comes to skincare, collagen is king. 

Here’s why:

Collagen is  a protein that provides the matrix for your body and skin’s structure. It’s sort of like the pillars that hold up ceilings. Without these pillars, the skin starts to sag and droop. That firm, plump, youthful fullness begins to fade away. Unfortunately, as we age, collagen production slows down drastically and the skin begins to lose its fullness and firmness. Dark spots can be somewhat reversed with products. Wrinkles can also be somewhat reversed with products (or for the more extreme, with fillers). However, sagging skin is hard to fix short of an invasive facelift. And sagging skin is the worst because features will begin to change as skin starts to hang off the face.

That’s terrible, what can be done to prevent this?

Agreed. Terrible when this happens. However, there is hope!

  1. First and foremost, using a collagen serum (it should be hydrolyzed so that it can be absorbed by the skin) will help infuse collagen into the skin. Unfortunately, collagen serums that are not hydrolyzed have particles that are much too large to be absorbed by the skin. So hydrolyzed collagen is the way to go. That said, hydrolyzed collagen may not be as effectively used by the skin to build it back into collagen, but there are plenty of anecdotal studies that show that indeed hydrolyzed collagen is amazing for the skin. And hydrolyzed marine collagen is basically the best there is. This is one ingredient every woman MUST USE. Ladies, do yourself a favor and stick to the collagen on a daily basis.
  2. Use collagen-boosting ingredients (vitamin C, peptides, etc. - different topic for a different entry)
  3. Eat collagen-rich foods (also different topic for a different entry)

What collagen serum is out there that’s not going to break the bank?

We went on a rather extensive beauty hunt to find the best collagen and proudly present to you this incredible serum with 90% hydrolyzed marine collagen which is usually ridiculously expensive, but this one alas is quite affordable and will last a long while:

Got to give it up to this company that is known as the “kind” brand in Korea for the high quality ingredients and the affordable price points. The quick story is that a bunch of leading beauty R&D scientists left Korea’s largest beauty company to create this brand, Mizon, that offers cutting edge products, extremely highy quality ingredients but at a fraction of the price point. How? They vertically integrated all the operations, cut out all the middlemen, and cut down on packaging and marketing costs. All the money gets poured into substance: research and ingredients. And the savings is passed onto consumers. Love it. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

This is a vanity table STAPLE. This one has been selling quickly, seems like people in-the-know recognize value when they see it.  Don’t miss out, ladies :)

xo - Alicia

Posted on July 06, 2015
by Peach & Lily