Why you should say yes to face oils

Face oils are recently making headlines in skincare. Here’s the science behind why face oils totally do live up to the hype.

And why we just launched a few that we LOVE in time for the fall weather.

  1. Better absorbability: Without getting too verbose, beauty R&D spends a lot of money on figuring out how to get a lot of amazing ingredients deep into the skin because water (the base for most beauty products) have particles bigger than the skin’s barrier and therefore without a whole bunch of hydrolyzing and other scientific-magic, absorbability becomes an issue. It’s a key problem that beauty labs solve for. And they have come up with a lot of nifty solutions. Having said that, oils are amazing because when applied before other more cream-like products, they have the ability to “trick” the skin to let other key ingredients (e.g. vitamin C ester, peptides, etc.) into the skin. And the deeper layers of the skin is where fibroblasts that product collagen live. And this all happens without irritating the skin. Win, win, win.
  2. Better hydration towards youthful, less saggy skin: With age, the skin’s moisture barrier breaks down and oil production decreases. Essentially, the skin becomes more like a dried out sponge than a fluffy, hydrated sponge. Oils are lipophilic and pass through the skin’s lipid layer faster and help hydrate the skin’s deeper layers more effectively than a lot of creams and serums.
  3. Helps with making skin less sensitive: Some face oils help reduce inflammation and irritability, which in turn results in soothed skin that can better handle some of your other skincare products.
  4. Heapings of antioxidants: Many face oils are powerful, natural antioxidants that will fight free-radicals (big enemy in maintaining youthful skin).
  5. Ironically, helps with keeping face more oil-free: Stripped, dry skin kicks in oil production to compensate and leads to overcompensating with excess sebum production. Face oils help keep the skin nourished of oils and reduces the skin’s overproduction of oils to keep skin more balanced.

Here are some amazing face oils that we thoughtfully curated for you (scroll down to section that says Face Oils). Today, will just stick to the science. Tomorrow will be the fun bit on the products - what each of these oils do and why we HAD to select these. Hope this was helpful!


Posted on July 07, 2015
by Alicia Yoon