Beauty trilemma: 1) hydrated eye area, 2) smudgeproof eyeliner, 3) easily removable eyeliner

For those waiting to hear about the specifics on the face oils from the previous entry, fear not, that’s coming later this week.

Today, per the request of a Peach and Lily friend, we’ll discuss the classic beauty trilemma - how do you keep your under eye area well hydrated, yet eyeliner in place and at the same time easily removable. Usually, two is achievable and that’s on a good day. We’re lucky if we can even get one fully going. Dare we seek to achieve all three things???


It’s possible ladies. Here are a few solutions.

  1. Hardcore solution: Don’t skimp on the eye creams. This is a must. AM and PM. (we can and should have a whole separate discussion on eye creams - why they’re important and how you find one right for you) In the AM, when you’re then going through your makeup routine, what do you do? Your eye area is wonderfully hydrated and awesome, but totally slippery and not ready for eyeliner, especially of the undereye variety. The first thing you do after the eye cream settles in (give it a couple minutes), you put on BB Cream or a primer. Pat it in, and let it absorb as well. Then you apply your undereye liner. Let that dry. Then you reapply the BB Cream right under the undereye liner. Let that settle in again. I love this because the BB Cream highlights and offsets the eyeliner again making the contrast result in a neatly lined eye surrounded by subtle brightness. So awake looking and crisp. Finally, the most important step is to take a matte powder (could be loose or pressed) and dab onto your pinky (if your pinky is small ;>) or a qtip and pat onto the skin under the eyeliner. The powder will help keep the eyeliner from smearing throughout the day. The KEY is to let everything settle in between steps. The other trick is that the BB Cream and/or primer helps lock in the moisture and the powder will sit on top of the BB Cream soaking that in vs. soaking in all the moisture you just put into your skin from your eye cream. The powder just sits atop the BB Cream (vs. your skin) and acts as a smudging barrier. All of this washes off relatively easily.
  2. Product solution: Or you can just use these two products. Amazing and lasts seriously through the day. This allure pick ergo liner or this iconic liner that flies off shelves because it solves the trilemma. That easy. And it washes off pretty easily.
  3. Tattoo solution: Or get a permanent or semi-permanent liner tattoo. =P

Let us know how these tips go!


Posted on July 15, 2015
by Alicia Yoon