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To Bee Venom or not to Bee Venom?

The essence of Korean skincare products, to us, is gentle, more natural and extremely efficacious formulations. The products don’t always have to contain a bizarre or novel skincare ingredient. 

If the serum has a tried and true soothing essential oil mixed in with a powerful humectant (moisture-drawing ingredients) – all in a formulation that doesn’t irritate skin and gets the job done better than the serum next over, then that’s a stand-out product. And that’s what makes curating Korean beauty products so fun: it feels a bit like ranking athletes competing at international levels with each athlete-star being able to dazzle and impress. And there’s something downright enjoyable about being in the company of things that awe.

Today, though, I gravitated towards the jar that included that semi-out-there ingredient. As a part of my job, I’m constantly using my own sensitive, dry, sag-prone skin as testing grounds for products. And though the Mizon Bee Venom  Calming Fresh Cream had already made our cut – passed the formulation, ingredient, brand interview and state-side focus group tests – I wanted to return back to this and try incorporating it into my daily skincare routine, again.

It’s now 2 weeks after I started using this cream every AM and PM, and I feel like I’m reuniting with a former flame from the past. I remembered why I fell in love with this cream in the first place.

This cream does all that it claims to do. It soothes, calms, and helps my skin be a bit more resilient to the office dryness. 

So, I told our (very wonderful) Marketing Director that I’d like to deviate from our carefully mapped out marketing plan to interrupt with a PSA: bee propolis is a long-forgotten hero that should be celebrated more often.

Here are some interesting reads about bee venom/propolis and how this might be the (not-so)well kept secret of celebrities who seem to defy age.

And when going straight to the horse’s mouth, Mizon reminds us that bee propolis is proven to nourish deep within skin’s barrier to fortify skin and counteract sensitivity. Mizon then supercharged this formulation with peptides and vitamins to include brightening and firming benefits, too. 

Here’s what the cream looks like out of the jar, and my usually uber-scaly hand is looking not-so-scaly. Excuse the terrible picture quality, but I’m in the office alone on a Friday evening without any photo help, but unable to leave because I really just had to share. My conclusion: 100% to Bee Venom.


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Tags: bee venom
Posted on July 02, 2015
by Alicia Yoon
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