Snail Week: Wednesday - Snail Repair Perfect Cream

We thought hump day would be pretty appropriate for launching this highly anticipated snail product. 

There aren’t many complaints about our best selling All-In-One Snail Repair Cream, but we’ll admit one little piece of feedback bothered us: it wasn’t hydrating enough.

The All-In-On Snail Repair Cream was actually originally meant to be applied before serums as an “activator”, not as  a final moisturizer. However, some people (us included) thought it was the perfect lightweight moisturizer. As summer is in full swing, our skin is being sucked dry by super cold A/C, so sometimes, our All-In-One cream isn’t enough…

That’s when the Snail Repair Perfect Cream comes to the rescue! 

This rich and creamy formula boasts 60% filtered snail mucus and plant based mucin from yams to flood the skin with moisture and nutrients. Wait, yams? Yep, these delicious vegetables are filled with vitamins and minerals to help the skin control sebum production while it helps to moisturize and brighten the complexion. 

We aren’t joking around when we say this cream is a cream. If you apply a little bit to the back of your hand and then tap it into your skin, you’ll see the stickiness stretch between your fingers and skin - sound weird? It is, but so satisfying. It’s like… splitting a gooey chocolate chip cookie in half but with snail cream (can you tell we’re obsessed?). 

The Snail Repair Perfect Cream may at first feel too heavy, but if you spend a couple of seconds massaging it into your skin, it’ll absorb effortlessly. You’ll automatically feel a difference when compared to traditional skin creams. 

Mizon has been able to bottle immense moisturizing power, skin brightening and elasticity boosting ingredients into a multi-functioning, hypo-allergenic formula. 


It’s especially effective on dry/tough skin, sensitive skin, dark spots, and sagging/aging skin. When paired with the All-In-One Snail Repair Cream, which helps prep the skin to absorb other ingredients, it doubles the effectiveness of both creams. 

The Snail Repair Perfect Cream for perfect skin - catchy, huh? 

Posted on August 05, 2015
by Alicia Yoon