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“Who/what/where do you recommend?“ 

We’re always asking our friends where to eat, what to shop, who to cut our hair, etc., so why not for our beauty products? 

We love sharing with our friends the latest products we get in the office, even if it means hours of convincing them that snail mucin and bee venom are good for them. 

Up until now, we’ve been rewarding our existing customers $10 for every new customer they refer, but we wanted to make that deal a little bit sweeter… 

From now until July 22nd, for every new customer you refer, we’ll give you $25 towards your next purchase - just consider it a virtual high five to say thanks for helping us spread the word! 

It’s time to tell everyone in your hot yoga class that you’ve been rehydrating your skin post-workout with Cremorlab’s facial mist. Or when your girls are over for movie/wine night, bust out a Caolion pore pack for everyone to use. And why not get a group sheet mask selfie, too? 

Our go to recommendation is, of course, snail cream! People might think you’re joking at first, but we think glowing skin speaks for itself. We’re religious about applying our All-In-One Snail Repair Cream day and night, but recently, the sleek Black Snail Cream has been rocking our skincare routine. Believe us when we say we don’t hesitate to recommend it. 

Obviously, if your friends want more help with choosing the perfect beauty products for them, we’re always reachable at for a personal skincare consultation. 

But, wait! Before we forget the best part… 

A free Seoulcialite box will be sent to whoever has the MOST referrals by July 22nd! 

We repeat, a Seoulcialite box, which has been sold out, is up for grabs! 

Ready, Set, Refer! 

Posted on July 30, 2015
by Ju Rhyu
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